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  • As good as his Lucifer is, Page's was better.
  • I like this - bit sixth form though, isn't it? If you gave an average joe a packet of crayons and said 'do psychedelic', this is what it would sound like. Not the best Anger film either.
  • How the fuck can the files cost 40€ in iTunes Store, I bet a lot of ppl will buy it :D
  • Xhi
    'lucifer rising suite' box set!! bollox!!!1
  • lol @ TaureDawn
  • Lucifer Rising has such a beautiful soundtrack and the film itself is wonderfully vibrant.
  • People can disagree with me of they want, but the comments here I just chalk up to varying degrees of closed mindedness; people that don't experience the profundity of music, or the beauty of ABSOLUTE catharsis in the same way that I or someone else has. That doesn't necessarily make anyone wrong. I would hope that people would reconsider it, rather than just making ignorant comments. Our experiences are different, of course, and I'm not trying to be "philosophical," just talking from my experience.
  • I think Considero might appeal to fans of Lucifer Rising:
  • Lucifer Rising is a film by director Kenneth Anger. As for the soundtrack,is written and recorded from Bobby Beausoleil. A classic of instrumental psychedelia crossing the lines between orchestral music, experimental electronic music, and psychedelic rock. -.-.-.-. om hari om .....
  • my buddy got a letter from this dude the other day
  • Very fascinating stuff. I think his other albums are much better than famous Lucifer Rising. Flowwwz - that´s not Nietzsche. That´s just some quasi philosophical bullshit.
  • I finally saw the film the other day, the music obviously helped make it a good experience. Visually arresting for sure but ok the Egyptians summoned lucifer then people did various occult things in the present day then UFOs arrived in ancient Egypt? Fair enough, ideal stuff to zone out to anyway
  • lol give me a break @ krumbledkookie's comment. put down the Nietzsche kid
  • does anyone know who plays the additional audio track for INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER? ---> Larsen - Radial
  • Beautiful music is often the product of a tortured mind and spirit. That's one possible explanation. Another: Depending on the circumstances, perhaps murder can also be a beautiful thing, a product of a moment of rage that burns brighter than any star... an instant of pure catharsis. But these explanations mean nothing at all. Lucifer rises. Lucifer descends.
  • Well, personal life is one thing and murder is another. I just can't fuckin imagine how could a man who wrote such a beautiful and psychedelic music kill someone.
  • <3
  • I dont really care what he did or who he is I just think Lucifer Rising is one of the best film scores I have ever heard and that would be my favorite movie ever. I listen to both Laibach and Burzum there is no contradiction they both have landmark amazing influential albums. I hate it when people feel the need to associate someone's personal life directly with their music.
  • INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER -> The 'tape loop' was done by Mick Jagger (the Rolling Stones) . I think there's an alternative score to that one but I dont remember what that is
  • Great, anyone knows more music like this?
  • I am in love with Bobby BeauSoleil and i want to shout it from the moun- tains but I don't have a mountan, I just have a computer.
  • First time I'm hearing his music and it's somthing else! Very nice.
  • ришпект)
  • does anyone know who plays the additional audio track for INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER?
  • Part II is among the most beautiful things to ever grace my consciousness.
  • shouts come in pairs, a day apart, strange happenings. had lucifer rising on the harddrive an age, wish i'd checked it out sooner
  • The Charles Manson connection should definitely be mentioned...quite a significant part of his life, no?
  • Lucifer Rising's soundtrack is amazing
  • or more importantly, his contribution to the Anger film Lucifer Rising.
  • why doesn't his biography state the fact that he's a charles manson associate?

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