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  • I had not heard of him either until like 9 months ago ... he is ok but not really what I listen to mostly
  • I wasn't saying it was life... haha. I was just saying it's rare to come across someone who doesn't know at least OF him.
  • so? ...let them think what they want. Same goes for the point of knowing them: if some people don't know BM, so what? Life is not Bob or is it? If so then THAT is sad.
  • no no ive met people who havent heard of bob marley, its quite sad too, they told me to turn that shit off...
  • ...omg
  • I talked to someone a few days ago who had never heard of Bob Marley... I thought they were being sarcastic.
  • Best Reggae music out there. :0)
  • ¬¬/~~~~~
  • [url=]I like my parents' music![/url]
  • Hmm.. Does anyone else see a strange resemblence in sound between Jah Live and The Judgement Come by Cornel Campbell?
  • Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Tosh, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles... I think the main connection is people who got high a lot in those years ...
  • I think that is a PERFECT collection of musicians to put Bob Marley into. I listen and enjoy all those bands.
  • ...having said that, i am most surprised at the 18% match for bob marley & the wailers- i mean wtf, the two bands are NOTHING ALIKE
  • similar artists is only a people who listen to x also listen to y measure, though.
  • The Smiliar Artists listing is flat-out ridiculous. RHCP? The Beatles. Oh dear the filters need some tuning.


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