• Boards of Radiohead

    23 Oct 2007, 0:00 de sargant

    It appears Radiohead's "In Rainbows" is VERY heavily influenced by Boards of Canada

    Compare and contrast:
    "All I Need" vs. "Roygbiv"
    "Videotape" vs. "Gyroscope"
  • Peek Oil

    16 Feb 2007, 16:15 de FredMcGriff

    Today's Fred McRecommendation:
    Emma Cora - Missing Tide (Oil Drum 75 Mmx by Milieu)
    From Emma Cora's 2007 Sonnent Faux Pas EP on Metanoia

    The brainchild of former Pisgah member Glasse and guitarist Jason Herr, Emma Cora debuts with this gorgeously laid out release on Metanoia Media. This track is an absolute gem. Milieu gives the original indie rock instrumental an injection of electronic percussion and atmosphere, tightening it up into the standout track of the EP. Everything comes together perfectly here; the reverbed guitars set back in the distance, the distorted fuzzy drums, the subtle layering of synth over guitar, and the broth-thickening inaudible voice samples all get a stew going nice enough for Carl Weathers. This is perhaps the best new track I've heard this week, and it makes particular sense if heard in the context of the entire EP.


    This EP was released a few days ago and marks the second Metanoia release I've mentioned this week. …
  • Top Discoveries of the Past Year

    8 Jun 2006, 19:47 de Zoethustra

    These are the best bands that I have discovered within the past year. Enjoy!

    Top 20 Discoveries of the Past Year (June 2005-June 2006)

    20. ???

    19. Macha: Experimental and ranges from shoegaze to post-rock. Half of their stuff is really interesting, but a lot of it tends to be too slow/shoegazer for me. How did you discover them?: www.pandora.com. Song that made you fall in love: Smash & Grab. Song that is your current fave: Until Your Temples Are Pounding (An off-key, Japanese influenced song...I don't really know why I like it, but I do.)

    18. Boards of Canada: Electronic, ambient, IDM. Similar to M83, but more relaxed and ambient. How did you discover them?: I didn't really like them at first (I thought they were too slow), but after hearing them again in a record store I gave them another shot and found that I liked some of their songs. Song that made you fall in love: Gyroscope (slow and kind of creepy with a strange voice counting as the vocals). Song that is your current fave: Julie and Candy.