• Fear and Loathing At the Elks Lodge (Is this copyrighted or not?)

    21 Abr 2006, 1:38 de Mikeanarchy

    I went to the Elks Lodge in Hamden, CT about 2 weeks ago to witness Chaos Fest, another little festival-like concert with a countless number of bands.

    I showed up on time, but the show did not start for about an hour or two. First band that really caught my attention was Year of Desolation, this metallic grindcore band that actually had some good instrumentation going on.

    Still, no one danced until CT hardcore youths Trauma took the mike and did a ripping rendition of Gimme Gimme Gimme which I found myself even busting a move to.

    Next up was a band that I couldn't get in the pit for, and I greatly regret that. The band was The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and they completely kicked my ass musically. They put on an amazing show and everyone was really into it. I was in the back like a wuss.

    During their show, however, things started to get rough. Suddenly I witnessed two men push through an audience on the sidelines of the now chaotic and, perhaps deadly, mosh pit (hahahaha). …