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  • Holy shit, I thought xBishopx was a thing of the past. Then bam, they come back and make their best record yet! FUCK YES
  • xBISHOPx [2]
  • xBISHOPx
  • the lo-fi sci-fi is amazing
  • YES. Indeed, this is ALL F'd UP. the band's album is shown here, but so are others' . Check here for the Bishop I've referenced, h t t p : / / goo .gl / YGEOf
  • sorry y'all... i'm not sure I have the correct band! haha.... well, so it goes. I do see "Change the Scenery" amongst the tracks for /this/ Bishop, but that could just be from my own scrobbling. i check the "xbishopx" (whatever that is...), but not there either. Maybe what i'm looking for isn't here at all. hmph. Last.Fm rocks, very much.... ninety-nine-percent of the time, at least. Cheers. (anyone out there help me with my puzzlement? help... i'm going to f'n hang myself. i give you five minutes, and then it's all over... maybe i'll go the auto-erotic asphyxiation route... at least it's like /going out with a bang/, eh?... sorry... that's morbid. okay... i take it all back [Nathan Explosion: What!? That's /metal/. It's metal to do that!])
  • ... i mean, DAMN, man-- you guys are at /least/ as good as the handful bands came out of that era (i.e. can't remember names... "Switchfoot" comes to mind... now, don't get me wrong, or take offense by the comparison, i'm just saying.... it's too bad... how the /dream/ was pulled out from under /us/, collectively, the generation... met only a hopeless ceiling.). hmm... maybe you guys did get signed? i'll have to dig deeper, or maybe i'll hear some news from y'all, directly. Oh-- yeah-- after "sOna" couldn't take it anymore, and split-up, the drummer and i did a project, more groovy / heavy... check node ./E-Nation ... and song "Sucker"... dig that groove. or "Z-28".... that's the QOTSA C-tuning. :-) dig.
  • wait! check that... maybe it's "Change the Scenery" i been diggin. hmm... well, i suppose, as Pavlovian theory might suggest-- it would be /the one/ which i remembered first. I dunno. They both rock. I dig that wha pedal on Change the Scenery, but i think the other is more the /Single/, so to speak.... hehe... industry lingo. ha! f'n industry. I'm telling you, man, OUR generation really got the screw. (i.e. napster, all the rec. exec's were shitting there pants [and still are, i suspect])
  • @Saint... RE: Correct name?? Do tell. Now, on to other things... Yo, Bishop! Rock n' Roll, bruthas! Hailing from Pennsylvania, this is a guitarist from way-back-when we were /nominees/ for the AMA New Music Award bullshit diss-a-kiss-ma-a.... [ ssshuut-yo-mouth (just talkin' bout Shaft!) ]... Yeah, i still have all of /the 50/, so I hear 'em all, e'y once in a while. You guys, (Wasted Youth, and another one), I've played quite often. Actually-- get this! Just got the album-art few days ago. Hehe.... being a weird-o about that sort of thing, i guess... but now, i'm pleased that when y'all play, I get the pic of dude smashin' the earth, or whatever it is. Hehe. Yo! Check it, you might recall /us/. if you check node, precisely as typed here, Between the quotes: "sOna+[US]". Some bullshit i re-named it (supposed to be just "sOna", but you'd see a Japanese pop-singer chick... quite cutie, don't mind if i do... but, it's not /us/... hence the brackets)... OR, at node ./american_sona

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