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  • Avatar de Panikak
    The new album is real good. Perhaps not as breathtaking as Cottbus (after first listen), but seeing how perfect that album was it's impressive how the new can come anywhere close to it.
  • Avatar de kentin14
    Yeah brutal is really the perfect word to describe this album!! this is some trve brutal album
  • Avatar de alvinpunk
    brutal record, one of the best records of the year. pure gem.
  • Avatar de ASolitaryEcho
    The next release needs to entirely be like "Lovers Have Their Say." Nonetheless, the new album is incredible and promising.
  • Avatar de wickidwim
  • Avatar de thisisliving
    i really really like the new album but nothing has jumped out to me as being absolutely awesome the way that songs like Colossus and Words of Astaroth did when i first heard them. last last chance is pretty cool too but it's got nothing on the Outro. maybe my expectations were too high after hearing how good Pilori is?
  • Avatar de jayfatha
    I dunno if the new album is as good as Collected but damn it is good
  • Avatar de Derek-H
    That bio makes my head hurt, though.
  • Avatar de neverender89
    lol, fuck the hate. new record is fucking amazing. this guys deserve all the attention.
  • Avatar de skinfeast
    new album is just ok, if we consider all the 99% uninspired and boring hardcore bands we have nowadays it's easy to understand the "U-19" hype with this.
  • Avatar de Encefalograma
    Mmm Cottbus was more epic than new album...but its ok.
  • Avatar de tcejosh
    New album is great.
  • Avatar de Wexzer
    @affasf Not sure if trolling or that you know absolutely nothing about music
  • Avatar de aFonderReel
    It's hard to believe no one in the band wears a moustache
  • Avatar de Derek-H
    @ affasf: you've either got the wrong album or the wrong shoutbox.
  • Avatar de GrannyGreen
    The new album is quite awesome. I'm glad I ordered it without even listening to it; they were amazing on the Defeater/Touché tour.
  • Avatar de affasf
    New album is so dull and unoriginal. thanks to Deathwish for pushing the band in this direction.
  • Avatar de povilas_sako
    The new album is dope!
  • Avatar de emeds
    You, me and the violence = Chapeau
  • Avatar de Wexzer
    Damn...Jeremy from Touché Amoré wasn't kidding when he said that their new record would be one of the best ones this year. Really awesome record!
  • Avatar de xCappox
    Amazing guys, big hearts & great music.
  • Avatar de ftrhnfl
  • Avatar de Derek-H
    @ xherojuanax: while I can see [hear?] where you're coming from, I've got to say that YM&TV has managed to impress me beyond anything PBTT have done. Such a solid release, and no doubt the band's best material to date.
  • Avatar de thisisliving
  • Avatar de yaronis
    New songs are amazing!!! <3
  • Avatar de xherojuanax
    Parts of the new record remind me quite a bit of Pianos Become the Teeth. I'd say that's a good thing.
  • Avatar de kandinsky-
    usually I do not listen to this kind of music but BIR sounds rly fresh, whats actually pretty cool. keep it up, boys!
  • Avatar de wdCzterdziesci
  • Avatar de dario23
    new album is awesome.keep up the good work.
  • Avatar de Crown_Me
    For european people, the LP version will be available quickly in the [url=]Throatruiner Records[/url] distro.
  • Avatar de OneLifeHC
    Cages (!) Baby...
  • Avatar de idontgetitatall
    Great new album!
  • Avatar de Der_Fab
    I LOVE Last Last Chance.
  • Avatar de TxusMx
    Amazing album, one of my favorite so far this year.
  • Avatar de tochusmoq
    that's good because Pilori is my favourite track of the year so far ;D
  • Avatar de Tomrawrr
    nope. The Illusionist and Cages are my favorite so far. this blows Collections out of the friggin' water.
  • Avatar de tochusmoq
    is Piliori best song on the album? can't wait to listen it.
  • Avatar de kentin14
    Deathwish always lists futur release as out of stock before it's available for the first time. And no it's up, I just bought all 3 colors. Can't to get it :)
  • Avatar de Der_Fab
    Just pre-ordered You, Me & The Violence and gain the download code. Imo their best release. Fascinating.
  • Avatar de Derek-H
    They typically place pages up in preparation for a pre-order. You guys didn't miss anything. In all probability, it'll drop sometime this week.
  • Avatar de Paul_Oceanic
    Deathwish is listing You, Me and the Violence as out of stock, really hoping its a mistake as I didn't even notice a release date
  • Avatar de ManuYukio
    when the fuck did the album come out?! its sold out on deathwish and it wasnt available on the tour too :(
  • Avatar de Derek-H
    Nothing yet. But I feel like it's right around the corner.
  • Avatar de thisisliving
    release date for YM&TV?
  • Avatar de werewolf-corpse
    wow i´m flashed from there live performance yesterday!! [2]
  • Avatar de ICorvinI
    their live-presence is overwhelming
  • Avatar de chris112
    amazing live band!
  • Avatar de xCappox
    please watch this live hc show (Among the ashes)
  • Avatar de kryptonite22
    Interview I did for sideonetrackone w/ Bart of Birds in Row:
  • Avatar de edhumb
    ...the floor has got a better taste than what you offer me everyday.


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