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  • The next release needs to entirely be like "Lovers Have Their Say." Nonetheless, the new album is incredible and promising.
  • i really really like the new album but nothing has jumped out to me as being absolutely awesome the way that songs like Colossus and Words of Astaroth did when i first heard them. last last chance is pretty cool too but it's got nothing on the Outro. maybe my expectations were too high after hearing how good Pilori is?
  • I dunno if the new album is as good as Collected but damn it is good
  • That bio makes my head hurt, though.
  • lol, fuck the hate. new record is fucking amazing. this guys deserve all the attention.
  • new album is just ok, if we consider all the 99% uninspired and boring hardcore bands we have nowadays it's easy to understand the "U-19" hype with this.
  • Mmm Cottbus was more epic than new album...but its ok.
  • New album is great.
  • @affasf Not sure if trolling or that you know absolutely nothing about music
  • It's hard to believe no one in the band wears a moustache
  • @ affasf: you've either got the wrong album or the wrong shoutbox.
  • The new album is quite awesome. I'm glad I ordered it without even listening to it; they were amazing on the Defeater/Touché tour.
  • New album is so dull and unoriginal. thanks to Deathwish for pushing the band in this direction.
  • The new album is dope!
  • You, me and the violence = Chapeau
  • Damn...Jeremy from Touché Amoré wasn't kidding when he said that their new record would be one of the best ones this year. Really awesome record!
  • Amazing guys, big hearts & great music.
  • @ xherojuanax: while I can see [hear?] where you're coming from, I've got to say that YM&TV has managed to impress me beyond anything PBTT have done. Such a solid release, and no doubt the band's best material to date.
  • New songs are amazing!!! <3
  • Parts of the new record remind me quite a bit of Pianos Become the Teeth. I'd say that's a good thing.
  • usually I do not listen to this kind of music but BIR sounds rly fresh, whats actually pretty cool. keep it up, boys!
  • <3
  • new album is awesome.keep up the good work.
  • For european people, the LP version will be available quickly in the [url=]Throatruiner Records[/url] distro.
  • Great new album!
  • Amazing album, one of my favorite so far this year.
  • that's good because Pilori is my favourite track of the year so far ;D
  • nope. The Illusionist and Cages are my favorite so far. this blows Collections out of the friggin' water.
  • is Piliori best song on the album? can't wait to listen it.
  • Deathwish always lists futur release as out of stock before it's available for the first time. And no it's up, I just bought all 3 colors. Can't to get it :)
  • They typically place pages up in preparation for a pre-order. You guys didn't miss anything. In all probability, it'll drop sometime this week.
  • Deathwish is listing You, Me and the Violence as out of stock, really hoping its a mistake as I didn't even notice a release date
  • when the fuck did the album come out?! its sold out on deathwish and it wasnt available on the tour too :(
  • Nothing yet. But I feel like it's right around the corner.
  • release date for YM&TV?
  • wow i´m flashed from there live performance yesterday!! [2]
  • their live-presence is overwhelming
  • amazing live band!
  • please watch this live hc show (Among the ashes)
  • Interview I did for sideonetrackone w/ Bart of Birds in Row:
  • ...the floor has got a better taste than what you offer me everyday.
  • leave me down here...
  • tooo fuck'n long
  • August.


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