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  • Free downloads!
  • Your voice reminds me of Iggy c. "New Values."
  • not bad not bad
  • Congratulations to - [url=]Play Direct Song Of The Month for September 2010![/url] :)
  • Thanks for the music....
  • Thanks!
  • You just joined my top 20 artists! Amazing!
  • Oldschool Cool!
  • You were linked to the [group]Free Artists[/group] Group! Best Regards, [artist]David Elsener[/artist]
  • Well, I really enjoyed listening to your music. Keep on rockin'!
  • i approve
  • Love it. gonna download it
  • Nice warm sounds, cool vibes. Keep up the good work. Petty about the has stopped full length plays thing!
  • I quite like your music. Kind of laid back and cool. I do think you ought to think about having real drums or am I mistaken ? Can I ask you if you get royalties from Last FM ?
  • Great stuff! First song reminds me of the Modern Lovers.
  • Just checked out some of your 30 second clips (pshaw!) I added "I'm Hypnotised" to my loved tracks. Hopefully I will be able to hear the whole thing soon. What I did hear of it was really good. Right off the bat I had a David Bowie just post Ziggy Stardust moment. I hope the last three minutes are as good as the first 30 seconds.
  • Well, I can't find you on Spotify :/ Only one Billy Strange
  • Burning Desire is a great song.
  • It was nice to find this.
  • Great songwriter. What makes it more impressive is that he is a one man band too.
  • No poblem at all, its good. Infact im about to download some more
  • gooooood again!
  • Hey there "where billy go", love the new one Robot Sleep. Keep up the great songs!
  • hey, Bill, digging Robot Sleep.
  • did a stint of this kind of myself (with bands), cant quite get there on my own though... good stuff, thanks for stopping by...
  • Check out
  • Hey Bill - like the tunes. I've finally pirated a signal in the center of Montana. Anyway thanks for turning me onto this site. This is almost as fun as finding the stash of sixties vinyl in my grandparents basement when I was a child. Almost.
  • I wish to play with you. Hahahaha.
  • Hey Bill, Checking in, it's been a while. Playing out in a blues/ancient rock & roll band in Southern Maine occasionally. Still doing the webgroup thing but since MSN's closing groups in Feb, I've taken it to a website and I'm building an empire of linked groups elsewhere. Part of my new evil plan to take over the world. Seriously though, if it takes off there's some good promotional opportunity there. MSN group went to 161 members with most of them actual people. Check my profile for the link. Stay in touch, I like the music you're doing - good work man! tom
  • I just downloaded the free tracks and listened to them... Good stuff!
  • Hey strange man
  • good stuff Bill.............
  • Nice work Mr Strange. I love the rawness of it all. Let's hear more! :)
  • Nice sound. Kinda sounds like the lovechild of Lou Reed and Ryan Adams. :) Keep it up!
  • Great stuff. I <3 Lo-Fi
  • Most of his stuff rocks! Songs like never leave are great too. It's nice to have 10 tunes available now.
  • top track my friend...keep rockin bro!
  • Well done, Mr. Strange. You never hear that 4-track sound anymore, now that everyone records directly to a hard drive.
  • It's about time Bill Strange had a cult following. His music is good and he has been faithful to his muse for many years
  • Hey Bill S.!, That's Rock n'Roll at its finest! Keep it up. EmDeeTee

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