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  • The Big Picture Intro gives me goosebumps everytime
  • The best ever IMHO.
  • The best oneeeee!
  • An incredible rapper and his death is a major injustice.
  • .. dig the thrown-back effect ^^
  • So put it on big l, put it on C’mon put it onnn, and onnn, and onnn C’mon put it on big l, put it on C’mon put it on represent put it on, c’mon!
  • Король! А вы дальше фапайте на жертву инцеста из Детройта.
  • best rapper ever
  • i beat chumps till they head splits then break em like breadsticks. i sex chicks, i'll even fuck a dead bitch.
  • Ayo Showbiz I had this bugged out dream last night, that I was the Devil's son, B I was doing some ill shit
  • im cool but every now and then i get the urge to kill
  • Hopsin? Get the fuck out.
  • lmao gtfo loser
  • fresh
  • 'Lifestylez' is just slightly below Illmatic in terms of quality. Sony really dropped the ball w/ the promo. Definitely one of the best rap albums of the '90s as well as one of the best debuts of any genre.
  • the Illest
  • some of the illest shit you'll ever hear
  • Happy 19th Anniversary 'Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous' yo!
  • G.O.A.T.
  • like Premo said: Big L Rest in Peace!
  • R.i.p. Big L
  • RIP to The Greatest MC to ever touch a MIC!
  • I got styles you can't copy bitch, it's the triple six in the mix, straight from H-E-double-hockey sticks
  • I'm undefeated that's the stone truth cuz battlin me is like fightin a gorilla in a phone booth!
  • I'm puttin rappers in the wheelchair, Big L's the villain u still fear cuz I be hangin in Harlem this shit is for real here // How come, you can listen to my first album and tell where a lot of niggaz got they whole style from // If you battle L you picked the wrong head I smash mics like cornbread, you can't kill me I was born dead
  • ...And cats is still thirst to hear Big L drop an ill verse, so all you unsigned cats that want to battle get a deal first
  • No real fans? RIP Mr Coleman!
  • What's this motherfucking rap game without L? [*]
  • The one and only... Hip Hop's Finest! Living legend of rap quotes! GOAT! Punchline king! Most valuable poet on the MIC! Rhyme in Peace Big L! <3 Everybody put your L's up!
  • unquestionably one of the dozen or so god-level emcees.
  • L's best work shows the least scope.
  • How did I not listen to this guy ages ago?
  • L got a big flow but Biggie a better one, them both are good lyrically but L got better skills thats it
  • I never wear rubbers bitch, if I get AIDS **** IT!
  • how the fuck is big L overrated. so many quotables
  • Maybe the GOAT. Either way gone too early. rip.
  • B.I.G doesn't put it on, sorry.
  • Stop compering faggots. Big L and Notorious were both great, they had different styles so shut up :)
  • They actually are better though.
  • blah blah B.I.G > Big L, but his lyrics not
  • lol...I knew L fans would get butthurt. I said he's "overrated by most who know of him". So that means you guys. And B.I.G. >> Big L.
  • Big L is way, way underrated. Compare him to B.I.G.- similar freestyle style, but L had far superior lyrics and smother, more gangster flow. B.I.G. has far more fans. Anyone who comes up with lines like "just ask beavis I get nothing butthead" in every verse is one of the greatest.
  • you little faggots sayin L overrated hahaha bitches
  • damn, overrated? wtf?
  • Big L is overrated by most who know of him.
  • Overrated? More like underrated. One of the best MC's in the hip hop legacy!
  • I'm known for snatchin' purses and bombin' churches I get more pussy by accident then most niggas get on purpose
  • Big L isn't overrated, you know who's overrated? biggie
  • L isn't fuckin overrated.


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