• Weekly Review (8 Oct 2006 – 15 Oct 2006)

    15 Oct 2006, 20:37 de Ontogenese

    1 Daniël Lohues 51
    My number 1 this week is Daniël Lohues. I've been listening to his new cd Allennig. This cd is the result of his theatretour. I have no idea why I keep listening to this cd, but I really enjoy listening to his simple pianobased songs. Real nice!

    2 Neil Diamond 32
    Neil Diamond, this guy is great! To be honest, I do not really like his older work.. To be really honest, I only like his last cd, 12 Songs. This cd has ik all: Neils great voice, powerfull songs and great lyrics. I can only say: Try this cd!

    3 Bob Dylan 31
    Bob Dylan... Modern Times... A bit the same story as Neil Diamond. This cd is unbelievable... has everything to be a classic. Everything is nice. Love it.

    4 Cut Chemist 26
    Cut Chemist is one of the big names in the turntablism world. His new cd:The Audiences Listening is a bit more of the same, only better. On this cd Cut Chemist shows turntablism does not allways have to have that dirty we-dont-exactly-know-what-we-are-doing-sound. Cut shows that turntablism can be melodic and nice. …