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  • Satanica, their best album!
  • First album is god tier second wave BM
  • The Satanist é fucking great!
  • The satanist is a masterpiece of this decade! Check out my band, we have new material coming which will resemble Behemoth quite alot!
  • come to Algeria LMFAO !!!
  • Come to Germany!
  • Come to Poland! [2] :<
  • Behemoth was brutal last night, they sure didn't disappoint.
  • Come to Poland!
  • Come to Wacken, again! It was brutal.
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • The Satanist is boring and doesn't really sound like Behemoth
  • Haters gonna hate. And they are welcome!
  • all artists sell products. some of them give stuff away for free. but pretty much all of them sell their art. it's just the way of the world.
  • What really behemoth is doing selling a product...
  • And the Fags Dream Eternally
  • O Father O Satan O Sun!
  • from the pagan faggsland
  • amen
  • KURWAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • O Daddy O Satan O Sun
  • BTW The Satanist is more like The fegget [2]
  • zamknij ryj jebany pedale
  • @DeadendMephisto Lol. Did you get butthurt because someone sings about what they want? Good job, moron.
  • Nergal is a pussy.
  • Hella awesome band
  • @DeadendMephisto i didn`t say they should sing about history and culture in manner of folk bends...but using this scenography/costumography out of spite, because they are obviously opposing to liturgical ethos of eastern/slavic crhistan traditions...and that is pretty transparent and weak...and their identification with satanism just showing how unfounded their whole concept is.
  • Behemoth destroys! :D
  • Behemoth used sing about pagan times, they have never called Poland in their music (fk me IF im wrong). BTW The Satanist is more like The fegget
  • but they're both european and use guitars.
  • ...comparing Behemoth with Children of are smart! *clap*
  • They're from Poland so they have to sing sth about their history and culture? I've never heard COB singing about Finnish culture. This is not a folk metal band
  • vv symbolism they use looks like pubertal children playing some occult chaos game pretending they are evil and mystic at the same time...well, for solace - all metal bands who use similar themes have the same look...thats seems to be dark, brutal or whatever...with Behemoth is clear frustration with christianity, because they are coming from very religious land, a beautiful and a grand Poland...too bad they lost a way and draw their inspiration from some shit that even is not part of their deep culture anad history.
  • yo wtf dont say that i dont wanna listen to spooky music
  • well I don't want to freak anyone out but i noticed some secret satanic symbolisms in their songs.
  • InSearchOfTruth: Brutality is timeless when done properly. Although I don't really think of Behemoth as a brutal band. Just good songwriting and an excellent live show.
  • I`m not sure when people will understand that this kind of brutality is abandoned a long time ago.They lyrical themes are everything but not reflective and experiential.I can give this boring shit a credit only becasue they are Polish, but Poland si far,far, far more intresting and deeper than this.I mena, they history, writers, movie directors, poets, artists are one of my favorties in Europe.
  • popsa... no neplohaya
  • hell dwells in ice is masterpiece
  • Demigod is their best work, but nonsense that everything after that has been a remake, on the contrary I think the line they took on Apostasy really took it to a new level, and at least gave us more music to listen to. Evangelion was a chapter of its own, especially if you haven't listened Pandemonic Incantations and earlier Behemoth. And now listening to The Satanist still after a year can't make my mind about it. Blow your fucking trumpets gabriel...
  • Nonsense.
  • I think Behemoth did their best on Demigod album. Everything they did after that is try to make more fans and make music easier to listen.
  • Приглашаю в критику и аналитику рок-песен В группе много полезного.
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