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Bathory fue un grupo sueco de black metal, considerado uno de los pioneros en los géneros del black metal y el viking metal. El nombre del grupo proviene de la "condesa sangrienta": Erzsébet Báthory.

Bathory se formó en Estocolmo (Suecia) en el año 1983 por el entonces joven de 18 años conocido como Quorthon (antes tuvo otros sobrenombres como "Black Spade" o "Ace Shoot"). Tras muchos cambios en la formación y…

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  • Forsberg was a great ice-hockey player.
  • Quorthon needs to check his fucking privilege IMO
  • Кровь на льду - бесспорный шедевр.
  • Woah, that interview was useless and kind of disappointing, too @CommandoBurzum. Useless in the manner of topics discussed - I learned Quorthon was such a down-to-earth kind of guy and even held boring sjw opinions. :S
  • "but absolutely no one who really owned / heard both will tell you these remasters worth anything..." I have both... original vinyl versions from the 80s and the new ones... I like the newer ones... I suppose yearning for the past and getting upset about stuff you have no control over must be satisfying in some way. besides, making absolute encompassing statements regarding listeners opinions reeks of naivete.
  • Альбом Blood in Ice-очень впечатлил
  • Essa porra é do caralho
  • Obra divina dos deuses. Quorthon, o mestre!
  • Let's bring the old back!
  • Quorthon's quote on racist bands is incredibly ignorant. No offence to him but he was a white male in Sweden. It's not exactly a country with a long history of racism like the US, for example. He totally missed the point.

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