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Band of Horses

Ode to LRC (4:15)


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  • Yes amazing!
  • great...
  • la dee da! la da dee da dee da!
  • a masterpiece; my favourite BOH-song!
  • the world is such a wonderful plaaaAAAAAACE
  • Yessss!!! <3 This band has seriously become one of my faves!
  • yes.
  • что за шикарная вещь!
  • Such an amazing song. Probably my favorite on Cease To Begin.
  • catchy and happy
  • Ladies Rock Camp??????
  • Unbelievable song, very possibly their best. [2]
  • Unbelievable song, very possibly their best.
  • The dog is gone...
  • Thanks to Florian this song makes me happy too. :)
  • I love this band.
  • the world is such a wonderful place :)
  • I get a strangely nostalgic feeling about this song... Love it!
  • I love odes.
  • I feel like there is a Venn diagram of bands I dig and bands that are widely successful, and these guys are smack in the center. They help me feel connected to the big wide world from which I am otherwise severed...
  • love this one
  • Great song
  • La di da!
  • My favorite! I can't wait to see them in concert again this summer!!
  • I normally don't even like bands like this but I looove BOH!
  • I that I've discovered Band of Horses...the world's such a wonderful place!
  • Thank you LAST FM for introducing me to Band of Horses, going to see them in Jan, yay.
  • another great one, dont you just love it frivolousname! i love this song
  • ugh not another indie rock band
  • The world's such a wonderful place..
  • Doo, daaa, dippity.
  • the world's such a wonderful place... :)
  • la di daaa :)
  • God yes.
  • The world is such a wonderful place, La di da, La di da, La di da, La di da
  • one of my favorite songs of all time
  • The world is such a wonderful place!
  • I like it!
  • The world is such a wonderful place. La di daaaaa. La da di da daaaaaa.
  • looking forward to their latest and greatest album
  • one of the best
  • this one is on repeat. their sound is so refreshing.
  • This is good stuff
  • probably one of my favorite BOH songs. it just gets stuck in your head
  • Pretty cool!
  • Sweet.
  • i'm kind of obsessed with this
  • Expected more folk elements, but I like it.


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