• The list of great albums!

    16 Ago 2008, 12:32 de RecurringDreams

    So many people ”these days” thinks that the 21th century has ”only” brought us bad music, I think that’s mostly because lots n’ lots of people got stuck with the label ”” back when Pink Floyd was still around. Maybe that’s a bit excessive, but I think you know what I mean, or hope so at least. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of good prog. music out there ie. Porcupine Tree, Tool, Dream Theater (NightwishI am told). Because of inspiration from another post I will now post a “top 25” on 21th century albums. It won’t be a top 25 really, I will just pick some of what I think is better, if I was to make an actual “Top 25” I would be up all night to choose…and even then I wouldn’t be able to be finished. Now without further small talk:

    25: The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place - Explosions in the Sky
    This album pretty much introduced me to EitS, and it was the first song “First Breath After Coma” which did the trick, at first. …
  • Time to rest - long weekend

    1 May 2008, 23:16 de M4tiz

    Here we go again. I've decided to write on first day of long weekend because it's the only one time when I sleep well and I'm not tired after school.
    I'm looking forward to my friend Matelek's (eighteen) birthday party. He's grown now heh. The party will be in some club (can't remember the name) and I'm gonna get drunk as always. The only one problem is that I have no money atm... My other friend told me that he has given away MY invitation to some... some... chick - what an asshole, sucker, traitor. He has replaced his best friend with some girl... Fortunately in spite of everything I'll be at this party.

    Today I watched a concert of my favourite band Audioslave. The concert took place in Cuba. Yeah, it's amazing, especially that this concert was for free. No American rock band has ever played in Cuba before. I think that's because it's hard for American to visit Cuba. Anyway I'm proud to listen Audioslave. On the press conference some important guy from Cuba asked Audioslave was there…
  • Top 100

    2 Feb 2006, 18:49 de morco

  • Top 100

    2 Feb 2006, 18:48 de morco