• Bring Me The Horizon (w/ Parkway Drive, Architects, The Devil Wears Prada)

    1 May 2011, 18:00 de DanDy57

    Thu 28 Apr – Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada, Parkway Drive, Architects

    Forget your Iron Maidens, Judas Priests and Black Sabbaths, this was a night about the future of heavy music. A combination of the synth-tinged metalcore of The Devil Wears Prada, the melodic hardcore with a mathcore edge from Architects, the punishing Australian hardcore of Parkway Drive and of course, the headliners that divide opinion like no other, Bring Me The Horizon, may not have been to everyone's taste, but for the sold out Academy crowd, it was an incredible bill.

    The Devil Wears Prada
    Having never listened to The Devil Wears Prada before the gig (with the exception of Danger: Wildman), I had no real excitement for them, and there was a nagging concern in my head that due to the prominence of autotune on their records, they would be a poor live band. I was fully converted by the end of their set though, as they barely let up from beginning to end, playing a great opening set to crowd appreciation that some headliners would envy. …
  • jan 16. bring me the horizon (english version)

    21 Ene 2011, 0:30 de YippiCola

    tek-one, the devil wears prada, architects, bring me the horizon @ arena vienna

    before last week i've never been to vienna, and initially i didn't plan to go out this time either, even though i quite love tdwp and bmth and a few songs by architects too. however, a few of my friends were totally crazy about going to this show, so in the end i decided to join them.

    getting there was quite easy as we found a bus that stops only one block away from the venue, which is in an industrial district with close to no interesting sights to see besides a number of huge smoking chimneys. the arena itself is and old slaughterhouse (or so i was told) now converted into a concert venue decorated with vivid-colored graffitis inside and outside, providing a nice contrast to the mood of the surrounding buildings. going inside, there's a large outdoors stage with a small pub on its right side and the main concert hall (also boasting a tall chimney) on its left. …
  • jan 16. bring me the horizon

    18 Ene 2011, 17:16 de YippiCola

    jelentem ezennel újabb kalandot pipálhatok ki az életemben, megjártam bécset. korábban sose voltam még kinn, és igazából eredetileg most se nagyon égetett a vágy, de pár haver totál eltökélte magát hogy erre a koncertre mindenképp el kell menni, szoval végül én is velük tartottam, lévén azért igencsak bírom a tdwp-t meg a bmth-t, és az architectsnek is akad pár száma amit szeretek.

    tek-one, the devil wears prada, architects, bring me the horizon @ arena vienna

    az odajutás elég könnyen ment, találtunk egy buszjáratot ami az arenától egy utcára tesz le, egy (így vasárnap este legalábbis) eléggé néptelen ipari környéken, ahol kb akármerre néz az ember, mindenhol mogorván füstölgő gyárkéményeket lát. ennek éles kontrasztja a kívül-belül mindenféle színes grafittikkel kidekorált aréna, ahol nagyjából U alakban fog közre egy (így január közepén legalábbis) értelemszerűen lezárt szabadtéri színpadot három épület, amik közül a baloldali a fő koncertterem (amiből a hely múltjáról tanúskodva szintén éktelenkedik egy méretes kémény)…
  • I have no idea what this little "journal" thing is!

    13 Abr 2010, 22:23 de wraggyFOH

    I think I have too many social networking websites, and this is little journal thing is more or less exactly like tumblr, so I dont even know why Im writing this now!

    Anyway, Listen to Architects album Hollow Crown, tis gooooood!, especially the track Follow The Water
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