• Top 10 Albums of 2010

    19 Ago 2011, 1:40 de Alfa-Beta

    Although this comes a little bit late, I have finally chosen the albums which, in my opinion, are the best of this last year. Having come to this point, I would like to express my gratitude to the last.fm users' collaborations at the time of making a provisional Top 10.
    I'm also not putting this in a “traditionally inverse” form, since I think that the best albums deserve also to be given all attention from the start, and not at last, as it's done usually.
    An important note: this classification is not made on a basis of whether an album released by an artist or a band in 2010 is worse or better than his/her/its previous works, but in comparison to the other albums released in 2010.
    I have also tried to be as much impartial as possible in relationship to the different styles and genres, since I qualified these albums depending on how good they are, without giving privileges to one or another genre.

    So, without more delay, here is my Top 10:

    1 - High Violet by The National

  • Best of 2010

    2 Feb 2011, 5:10 de midk

    Yes, yes, I am very late posting this, and for that I am ashamed. But better late than never...

    Best albums of 2010

    1. Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz
    Sufjan Stevens' "sound" evolves completely, incorporating gorgeous analog synths and obtuse, syncopated 7/8 drum kit patterns (à la 15 Step by Radiohead). He also finally sheds the layers upon layers of geographic and historical references in favor of a much more personal approach to the lyrics. The resulting album feels initially foreign, and takes a few listens to warm up to, but quickly reveals itself to be a sprawling work of almost unequalled depth. I Walked is one of the most immediate tracks, with some of the most beautiful, soaring synths I've ever heard, but takes many listens to reveal all of its intricacies. Perhaps most impressive is the closer Impossible Soul, if not just for somehow managing to justify every last one of its 25 minutes, but providing several of the album's many stop-everything-and-listen moments as well. …
  • Best of 2010

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  • Top 50 songs of 2010

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  • TOP 30 ALBUMS OF 2010

    23 Dic 2010, 20:31 de Confessions87

    2010 has been the best year for music for a long time. I remember 2007 and 2008 being particularly great, too, but I wasn't expecting this year to be so good. This list was incredibly hard to compile and has probably been thought about way too much over the past month. Even the albums that don't make the top ten have all been so thoroughly enjoyable to listen to, so if your favourite seems quite low, it's only because the standard was so frickin' high all round. There's all the usual suspects featured here and a few others. My top three are almost too difficult to separate (they are all equally my top album of the year), yet this list demands a distinct order and a distinct order is what it will have.

    I'll begin with a few albums that didn't quite make the mark.

    Vampire Weekend / Contra
    The biggest disappointment of the year, along with the album directly below.

    M.I.A. / MAYA
    What happened?

    Best Coast / Crazy for You
    Probably the single most obvious example on this list of an album that is as catchy as it is annoying. …
  • The Arcade Fire Experience hits Birmingham.

    13 Dic 2010, 17:38 de yosh2008

    Wed 8 Dec – Arcade Fire, Devendra Banhart & The Grogs

    Due to a serious error in transit, this was the first gig I have ever found myself properly late for. As a result I missed the opening performance of Ready to Start which is a major pain in the ass as that's a highlight of The Suburbs for me. But anyway, as I got into the arena they were just finishing off Neighborhood #2 (Laika) which was their second song, so not too much was missed really. Anyway, lateness aside I couldn't settle into the spirit of things for another 15 minutes due to the irritating crowd at the back. Getting to the front was impossible, which was highly frustrating as I wanted in on the dancing nearer the front and everybody around me appeared to be in a sort of comatose state, and kept saying things like "excuse me" as I tried to get around them.

    But still, the performance of the band was almost spot on. The problem with Arcade Fire is that once their songs are lined up one after the other but not from the same album…
  • Rebellion (truths)

    24 Nov 2010, 18:14 de lilyinthesky

    Dom 21 Nov – Arcade Fire, Fucked Up

    Domingo, 16.00 horas, Palau Sant Jordi y poca cola. Horas de espera y mucha, mucha expectación, a parte de frío, está claro. Las dos filas que se formaron delante del Palau se fueron haciendo más y más largas hasta que, sobre las 19.30 horas, las puertas se abrieron, y todos, sin ningún tipo de excepción, empezamos a correr, porque aunque no lo sabiamos, puede que para más de una, dos, tres o cuatro personas ese fuese el mejor concierto de su vida.
    Fucked Up, abrieron la noche sobre las 20.30 horas. Personalmente, todavía no sé que pensar de este grupo, quiero decir, se apagan las luces, aparece un grupo con integrantes a primera vista de cualquier grupo indie/alternativo: camisas de cuadros, pantalones de pitillo, gafas de pasta... y de repente, aparece de la nada un señor con una barriga más grande que la de Obélix, una barba digna de Poseidón y vestido con un chandal. Si hasta ese momento la cosa ya era extraña…
  • First Impressions - The Suburbs

    15 Ago 2010, 19:11 de Samwiiise

    When I first heard about it, I was quite surprised by my own lack of enthusiasm for The Suburbs, the newest release by Arcade Fire. Although I never really got into Funeral, Neon Bible was my favourite album for a long, long time after I discovered it. However, I eventually played it to death and got... Well, a little bit tired of it, and now I haven't properly listened to anything by them for quite some time, and generally find myself skipping over their work when it comes up. One can only wonder if this third offering can change my mind and help me rediscover my lost love of epic Canadian melodrama.

    Track 1 - The Suburbs
    Huh, let the hoedown begin. Very...country and western, that was unexpected. I'm finding it a little hard to make out the lyrics here, it would've been nice if they'd been put a little higher in the mix, considering how important lyrics have always been to the Arcade Fire experience. And considering how long this track is, there's no real change of pace or...anything, really, to maintain your interest. …
  • Arcade Fire (Album/song rank)

    9 Ago 2010, 21:08 de felghen

    Arcade Fire - Funeral:
    Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) 10/10
    Neighborhood #2 (Laika) 9/10
    Une Annee Sans Lumiere 9/10
    Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) 10/10
    Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles) 9/10
    Crown of Love 9/10
    Wake Up 10/10
    Haiti 9/10
    Rebellion (Lies) 10/10
    In the Backseat 9/10

    Total for the album: 9,40*/10

    Arcade Fire - Neon Bible:
    Black Mirror 8/10
    Keep the Car Running 10/10
    Neon Bible 10/10
    Intervention 9/10
    Black Wave/Bad Vibrations 8/10
    Ocean of Noise 9/10
    The Well and the Lighthouse 8/10
    (Antichrist Television Blues) 8/10
    Windowsill 8/10
    No Cars Go 9/10
    My Body Is a Cage 8/10

    Total for the album: 8,63*/10

    Arcade Fire - The Suburbs:
    The Suburbs 10/10
    Ready to Start 9/10
    Modern Man 8/10
    Rococo 8/10
    Empty Room 6/10
  • Arcade Fire and Glowworms

    16 Jul 2010, 21:29 de sirjelind

    Thu 8 Jul – Festival d'été de Québec

    The Festival in Quebec City used as the passes bracelets with electronic sensors and badges with blinking red lights. You can imagine how the festival places looked like at night: depending from a venue - smaller or bigger nests full of glowworms. It was probably very impressive and warming for the artists as well I hope.

    I was one of the glowworms. My list of artists was not long. I listened to Andrew Bird and William Fitzsimmons but my real target was Arcade Fire.

    Part of the concert of Anrew Bird I spent in rain waiting until I was let in Imperial de Quebec. The concert hall was already full when I arrived but people were standing in a queue and hoping that they will be let in. So did I and got my dose of music.

    Although William Fitzsimmons performed in the same hall as Andrew Bird and I had easily found it in dark a day before and studies the way in the morning, I was somehow lost in the evening while hurrying to Mr Fitzsimmons concert. …