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  • Hinata is in a new band: GIGAMOUS
  • so sad ;-;
  • I want to hear METRO and Focus Ahead. :/
  • So sad about their disbanding. D: Also, I know this is really bad to ask, but if anyone has METRO and would be willing to send it to me by email or something, could you write on my wall? Please. You have no idea how much I would appreciate it. Seriously.
  • Show is a cutie!
  • I'm gonna miss them :(
  • \/ I was about to post this here. This is so fucking sad. ;3;
  • Wow it's been forever since I listened to these guys, I can't believe they're still together. I'm glad though :)
  • New look is avaliable. Please, [url=]vote for it[/url].
  • Dammit, why did they have to get all "digital" T____T Latest singles aren't bad but I'm worried.... they're good enough not to need all that autotune/techo stuff ):
  • Yeah they're good. I haven't heard their newest stuff though, but if they're "shit" then I won't bother.
  • I love ♥
  • They're like SuG, they started out really good, now they're kinda shit
  • Heart 8eat!!~InnocentSTAR~Slide Speaker ╮(♥ω ♥╮)
  • Time to release an album.
  • I just love them. ♥~
  • Heart 8eat!! dancing with Ap(r)il.
  • Heart 8eat!! is good
  • ♥ the last single
  • New look is avaliable. Please, vote for it [url=]here[/url] or [url=]here[/url].
  • Ap(r)il is coming back in April with 3 new singles! :D and Yuu left the band ): source:
  • I still need to buy JUST 4U... Oh God.
  • Whatever happened to Just4U anyway?? Last I checked it wasn't even on the bands ohp (in the discography section) and no one ever talks about it either o__o
  • Still need to buy JUMPER, now I need to buy Just4U as well. Daaaamn, I'm missing out..
  • New look is avaliable. Please, [url=]vote for it[/url].
  • there is a preview of their PV on youtube
  • love their song! ^^
  • I also uploaded a new promo pic: [url=]/+images/49139795[/url]
  • ♪♫ is myself ♪♫...
  • Vote for their new look with the new Dr.Yuu [url=]here[/url] (<3), [url=]here[/url], or [url=]here[/url]. :3
  • ★ JUMPER ★
  • sounds nice <3
  • I think JUMPER is way better.
  • yea blossom was my fave :3
  • Owh.. That's a shame. I was excited, 'cause there is a song called 'KAFKA'. I always liked this name a lot... Oh well. :(
  • Blossom was good yeah... JUMPER was also nothing to go crazy about either. :(
  • oh! that's a good news~! ^^
  • Oh yeah, and their new single JUMPER came out on the 28th of October!
  • I think the new single is nice. I was kinda disappointed at 'PLEDGE' as a song, at first, but I like it. I think it will grow on me more and more - but still, I dunno if I'll like this single as much as older releases. Blossom is certainly beautiful though, very relaxing sound!! Still love them.
  • New single rly suck.
  • Yay! Finally got the new image up! :D
  • @NinkeKuN: I should have mentioned, that I don't see Dir en Grey as Visual Kei anymore, but people still mention them as their favourite VK band. My comment was ironic. Otherwise I totally agree about the sub-genre thing and I know that VK is a small genre.
  • a brazilian comunity on orkut:
  • sry had to re-up it cuz InformDrew is a png whore.
  • Every time the new image is up some bastard votes it down. I like the old image better myself, but I'm really bored of it now.. It's been up for like a year.
  • cant wait for their releases.
  • BrillantMe, well you can't call Diru for VK at all anymore so you're very wrong XD Visual Kei is a term within J-rock, not the other way. J-rock has other sub-genres such as Pop/rock, metal, VK, Oshare etc...
  • Visual Kei is just another way to say it's Japanese Rock. Every Japanese rock band (not wearung jeans and normal shirts) is Visual Kei. As long as people keep saying "I like Visual Kei, my favourite is Dir en grey" Ap(r)il will count as one aswell.
  • Come on gays, get that new picture up!


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