• Top listened artists + songs of 2009

    2 Ene 2010, 6:56 de Bara_Megami

    1. Crystal Kay 234
    Kuri-chan released her best album of the decade. Kuri-chan was def. my favourite artist this year. I found it really interesting to go back and find some missed treasures from her early years (namely Candy, which I listened to a lot on my iPod, so it didn't really get scrobbled).
    Oh, and idgaf if Kuri-chan says "Kuri desu, Kuri-chan de wa arimasen" in her song "Private Dancers". Kuri-chan is Kuri-chan to me, even when she's an obaa-san.

    2. Coldfeet 221
    I mean, they released two albums this year (Well, "TEN" was released in December 2008, but I got my copy this year, so whatever) and both of which were fantastic. I'm still playing their MJ cover album, so expect that next year...

    3. 三浦大知 209
    I love you Daichi Miura. Please accept my facebook request (even if it's really a fake account, please accept me anyway).

    4. Angelina 180
    Yeah, I was about four years too late discovering Angelina. …
  • Survey d=

    19 Feb 2007, 19:27 de nathaniaa

    Survey stolen from SummerNightRain
    Survey made by Codislove

    On with the shuffle!

    1. So you walk into a your old high school and the first thing you think is:
    Jason Mraz - Sleeping to Dream
    Haha, yeah suree ?_?

    2. Your significant other is:
    No Doubt - Running
    ): haha that's not very nice to know... xD Don't run away ): i'm nice?

    3. Your life at the moment is:
    Stevie Wonder - Knocks me Off My Feet
    Not really [; Nothing exciting is happening in my life atm :D

    4. YOU at the moment are:
    Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On
    Kind of o: I mean, i am listening to music ?_? haha.. uhmm yahh !

    5. You feel like this a lot:
    The Perishers - The Night
    Hahah, not really. O_o I feel like the night a lot, haha.

    6. This is how you can impress people the most (i.e. your greatest talent):
    City & Colour - Sam Malone
    Sam Malone isn't my greatest talent O_o;

    7. In the middle of a Sunday, you are usually:
    Hillsongs United Live - Tell the World