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  • I just realized this is the only band that does a decent job of showing where post-rock and math rock intersect. Most other hybrids lean on one thing, but these guys have equal atmosphere work and riffage.
  • This band is godlike. Gangs is one of the greatest things I have ever heard.
  • Miss you! <3 Please, go back to Saint-Petersburg!
  • I'm so glad they toned down the quirkiness on the latest album. That was one of my major gripes with Bright Futures.
  • ...their new album sounds so amazing!
  • Heirs is a thousand times better than All Hail was. Love these boys.
  • You NEED to check these guys out: BOÏRA from Barcelona. Fucking awesome post rock band FFO Russian Circles, Explosions in the Sky, God is an Astronaut...
  • I think I got to know these guys approximately five years ago by accidentally catching a show of theirs on German TV. I still hold their first album very dear and I am glad that I got a signed copy at one of their shows. It's just outstandingly good. When I saw the opener played live on TV I was instantly hooked. Back then they were pretty much the first instrumental band that I was into. While their other albums are definitely good too, I think they'll have a hard time trying to ever match or surpass the level of their debut. It's just that great.
  • the album is def a grower. kinda liking the spacious and reverb-y vocals on Heirs.
  • Heirs is quite boring. need another The Voiceless
  • Took a while for Heirs to click, but it's a beast - wonderfully euphoric.
  • After letting it sink in for a while, I am just disappointed with Heirs. I never thought I would say this about them but parts of the album are just flat out boring.
  • The shouting in Animal Ghosts is amazing. Too bad it's such a short song. Sort of wishing it went on like Young Brave Minds.
  • Hello! New EP "Bliss" from Ukrainian post-rock/math-rock band Goodbye Earth. Enjoy! Download: Buy:
  • Heirs <3
  • heirs made me spiritful, but all hail bright future made me happier!
  • I'm probably opposite a lot of people but I was never really a big fan of their other albums but Heirs is giving me a lot of joy.
  • EPIC live
  • nice
  • Great new album ... love the first half, not so sure about the second YET. Still need more listens ... But is it just me or Wasps is BADLY mixed. Lots and lots of ''crunchy'' noises ...
  • OMG they are fckin brilliant live!!! :O ♥ ♥ ♥ Even better, than on the album (yes, imagine that!!) Everybody should go see them if they come anywhere near you! I'm going to all 3 gigs ^^
  • Heavy Pop Review:
  • Not sure about new record...
  • Heirs is definitely a grower, didn't like it at first, now I appreciate the how album.
  • I like the new album.
  • @ Liteee: try out 2013's "All Hail Bright Futures".
  • Heirs does nothing for me.
  • Certainly different from their other albums but I really liked the new album after a couple of listens
  • New album is their worst yet.
  • New album has made me happy.
  • Новый альбом просто - чудо
  • Amazing stuff!!
  • Stream, jump, have fun!
  • show in Yekaterinburg was so awesome!
  • Sooooooooooo HIGH!
  • butter yhe bread with butter you dumbasses :P
  • - Single from their up-coming album - "Run Home"
  • Hype
  • shits gon b gud.
  • shit, i'm so stoked for heirs! can't wait!
  • Thanks for the gift guys. You are the best! Happy New Year!
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  • Такое вдохновляет [4]
  • Hi all. Listen to: Russian post rock / ambient / instrumental
  • Can't wait for the new album!
  • Такое вдохновляет [3]
  • trace amounts of creepy detected...


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