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Amon Amarth

The Last With Pagan Blood (5:39)


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  • One of their best... massive intro!!
  • 2:20 - 2:50 is absolutely crushing
  • Great song!!!
  • Fun fact: the noise at the end of this song is the band banging pots & pans while yelling/hollering.
  • d3s
    their best song.
  • AT LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST. Best vocals ever. And the best song for sure. AND BEER WILL COOL OUR SOAR THROATS *best riff in the universe
  • Amon Amarth, The Avenger always comes up first when I open media player. Thus I always listen to this song.
  • ...these lyrics send chills down the spine every time i listen to this song. [2]
  • Love, love, love these guys. A feast awaits us when we return.
  • PRIDE AND GLORY IN OUR HEARTS ! [2] makes me cry.
  • \m/
  • esta de hiper huevisismo esta rola , mi favorita
  • This is one of the best AA songs imo, i believe it is heavily underrated.
  • The riff at the end, 4:00-ish. Gives me shivers every time.
  • Might have been the first AA song I ever heared. Amazing!!
  • Praise Odin!
  • Epic song
  • oh yes this is the shit.awsome!!!
  • fucking epic
  • Probably the best amon amarth song. I agree with the guy bellow me, I get the chills durring those last 6 lines. Amazing song.
  • WE ARE FEW, BUT STRONG IN WILL. THE LAST WITH PAGAN BLOOD! WE FOUGHT THE WORLD WITH BURNING STEEL.. NOW WE SIT IN HALL OF GODS!! ..these lyrics send chills down the spine every time i listen to this song.
  • gotta be one of their best, deffo with the epic intro
  • god this song is amazing
  • <3
  • join now!!!
  • The style of "The Avenger" is one of the best i´ve ever heard, can listen to it over and over again and still shout the lyrics, ´cause it´s genius in music and lyrics!
  • badass. hardcore. heavy. hail 0den!!
  • love this song !!
  • Epic riffage.
  • es unico en su genero bien definido y puro ,ritmico .................
  • killer intro
  • teh best!!
  • wicked
  • One of their best... massive intro!!
  • Lithuania was the last pagan country standing and i doubt this song is about that xD
  • Very Good track*****Amon Amarth******
  • d3s
    fucking love it
  • Probably my favourite AA song. The riff is just too good.
  • This song >>>>>> an orgasm
  • we are few but strong in will the last with pagan blood ! i love this track till i saw it live :)

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