• How weird am I?

    7 Oct 2006, 18:33 de MisterLies

    I've decided to borrow this idea from theevildead23.

    "Get your top 20 artists, and find which of their tracks you've played the most on iTunes/Windows Media Player. Then see where it comes in that artist's "most-played" lists. The lower the track in the list, the weirder you are...or something to that effect."

    Here we go...

    1. Thomas Newman
    My top track: American Beauty. Quite simply, it's perfect. No-one who has heard it could argue against it.
    Ranking: 3. But the top track is almost identical, but longer, so this is really the top track by a long way.

    2. Aimee Mann
    My top track: Deathly. Not my favourite song, but the guitar solo at the end is awesome, hence why I have listened to it so much. My favourite Aimee song is probably... It's Not Safe. (Wow, that was like Sophie's Choice.)
    Ranking: 4. I don't think Deathly deserves to be in the Top 10 of Aimee songs. Yes, the lyrics are great, but the music is a little... …