• m-flo loves RAM RIDER

    18 Jul 2007, 19:15 de Cloverbell



    DISC 1 
    1.Luvotomy(Remixed by 石野卓球
    2.STUCK IN YOUR LOVE(Remixed by Akakage
    3.Summer Time Love
    (Remix Tokyo Mode|remixed by Sunaga T Experience
    4.Simple&Lovely(Remixed by Buzzer Beats
    5.Picture Perfect Love(Remixed by □□□)????
    6.Love Me After 12AM(Remixed by RAM RIDER
    7.Lotta Love(yasutaka nakata Capsule mix)
    8.Love to Live By
    (Remixed by Fantastic Plastic Machine


    The RAM RIDER group leader "pi-po" posted this today with such enthusiasm and vigor! I'm just passing along the good news to those who are as excited as I am.
    I've finally found a group of Japanese RAM RIDER fans that are more zealous than I am. YAAAAAAY!
    Yet still, I can't write proper Japanese! BOOOOOOO!

    I've been wondering about M-flo's next remix album. It better not suck this time! By looking at the list of tracks and re mixer's, I give it my stamp of approval. >:D