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  • The first album is the best.
  • Primitive and boring.
  • touching
  • awesome new album,beautiful.
  • Boring.
  • Beautiful new album.
  • Nevrast is awesome
  • beautiful melancholic music
  • Bought it :) gonna check it out sounds good so far!
  • Relax!
  • The new album is great. I'm glad "The Parting" is available somewhere other than the obscure "The First Ring" compilation now.
  • Engwar has done it again
  • Ainulindalë has just released its new album. Check it now !
  • I've received The Parting. Can't wait wait to hear the whole thing!
  • Hello everybody, sign-up to the official Ainulindalë newsletter on and get a free new Ainulindalë track to download ! You can also pre-order the album at Thank you !
  • very nice
  • только один
  • Great news, Engwar ! Merci pour The Lay of Leithian, je pense que je pourrais jamais me lasser de cet album...
  • Hi everybody and thank you for the nice commentaries, the new album "Nevrast" is on its way for a late 2013 release. Fell free to join us on facebook/ainulindaleofficial and send me messages there. Thanks, Engwar
  • On 'The Lay' the vocals are mixed very low but I quite like it. I can't really make out what he's singing but they become sort of droney and hang ever present in the background. Strangely effective.
  • just excellently!
  • Woo, finally - an update (of sorts) from Engwar; "Hi friends, I know it's been a long long time since the last update but be prepared for some good news very soon!!! I can't say more right now but be sure you'll be updated as soon as you I can ! Talk to you soon, Engwar"
  • Boom, got one. \m/
  • Great stuff. I love good Tolkien inspired music
  • Yikes, this is hard to find. If anyone has a lead on where to buy this album, it would be much appreciated. 141 copies released on the first label, re-issue label doesn't even have a working website anymore!
  • A tear of perfection.
  • Are there any online stores that still sell "The Lay Of Leithian"? And I'm talking about a physical copy, not an MP3 download.
  • Восторг блять, восторг!
  • A Year of Silence is really great!
  • Subliminal
  • Как раз буду перечитывать Сильмариллион. Самое оно послушать человека, вдохновившегося им!!!!
  • Lol, 4 months later, still waiting - the mastering is finished, the album's been sent to prospective labels and the cover art is done, hopefully it won't be much longer now :)
  • @FalseReligion - the album was completed over the summer and they began mastering it at the end of September, but the mastering process is apparently taking longer than expected and Engwar is waiting on the 4th, and hopefully final, master of the album before it's ready to be released. Can't get here soon enough imo.
  • frusciante pic? WFT?
  • Elf Music
  • beautiful :3
  • Official Ainulindalë facebook page:ë/196836853673405
  • to matkra. First, buy the album. But I would listen.. dark_tower , yeah, we all serious need a new album ... =)
  • I'm in serious need for the new album
  • @wolf-7: It can be found on the "Maere"-compilation. Further infos:
  • A Year Of Silence reminds me of those melancholic days i had with empyrium
  • And where you can listen to 'Under May's Moon'? Link?
  • Anyone else listening to the track 'Under May's Moon' on the Maere compilation? Pretty good stuff and Engwar says it'll be on the new album too (which can't get here soon enough!)
  • ♥ [3]
  • Beautiful music!
  • Beautiful music!
  • Incredible!
  • a year of silence is amazing!!!
  • I think it's just nice and I have to agree with VilliKettu, Vàli sounds better.


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