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  • Every once in a while, I find myself listening the whole day to his works. Still different from everything else I know.
  • This is exceptionally good. I've been looking quite some time for ambient-ish music which feels a bit Cyberpunk, and I feel like this really captures that. Really happy I found this.
  • @CriticalSwitch i don't think it's the bit rate that is the major issue. It would be nice if Rob would go back and remaster his earlier albums like :Port which would benefit greatly from better mastering. Sometimes certain layers are so overbearing you can hardly make out the finer details without hurting your ears ... he still does this with some of his tracks.
  • Правильное описание исполнителей радует глаз
  • really nice
  • Need more.
  • Such a shame that the initial bitrate of his early works is so low. Would like to hear them in FLAC.
  • <3
  • music to listen while you're in space & music to listen while you're in north pole
  • I want to believe
  • So I was able to piece together this: By zooming in and changing the black/white threshold I was able to make it a little more distinct. This is from I have been trying to guess the name of the image he is referencing in this, this is my best guess so far: 13X343S8E7_310sc3lWs.jpg
  • Has nobody noticed v3? Or am I late to the game? It looks to me that the pixels are displaced by a constant distance. I'll try to piece it together, maybe there's a hint to new developments.
  • something tells me this project has come to an end :/
  • v2 - предыдущий вариант, читабельный v3 - что-то вроде затертой версии v2. В исходном коде видно, что это - изображения, а не баг т.е. имитация бага
  • А что сталось с сайтом?
  • говно ваша арасака
  • Maybe he just decided to take a break. I hope someday he will return and bring more masterpieces. We can only wait and hope.
  • He is just... disappeared?
  • No.
  • Something new?
  • METAX is the most consistently good of the albums. Korova and :Port follow for EPs, and everything else is very well crafted though fragmented amongst the records and compilations.
  • Need new album.
  • nah :port is the best one... and the track 400 bloc overground is super good too. to be fair i never listened to geosynchron but unless it's significantly different from the eps from around that time, and orbitus then i doubt it would surpass port for me.
  • [url=]void();[/url] > other works.
  • I'd be more interested in hearing more news about Cyberpunk 2077.
  • amazing discovery
  • this music is a fucking gift to mankind.
  • robbeans <3
  • Is 'Écrasez l'infâme' not enogh for u?
  • When is the new album coming????!!!!????!?!?!
  • one love.
  • monoscan kicks so much ass but this guy's stuff has been getting formulaic (though hios aesthetic overall is just gorgeous). i think he spends more time on graphic design than on music production sometimes
  • One of my fav. artist
  • Tudtátok, hogy Levi komám csipázza az Essisz to ereszkát?
  • lol he can't make song titles! jk i love them c:
  • new stuff is very good
  • écrasez l'infâme - great work
  • v you know, the ones with the ambiebts inside, just like everyone who is wearing long hair is jesus influenced.
  • "some songs have BoC influences, to be fair." LOL, which ones??
  • V Tineidae.
  • He said that on a lot of shoutboxes :P
  • "Sounds nothing like BoC. Maybe you should check you ears." | This!!!!
  • Legend [3]
  • Legend [2]
  • Nice..
  • Sounds like... You have to check your ears.
  • Sounds nothing like BoC. Maybe you should check you ears.
  • lolwut?
  • Sounds like Boards of Canada for children and metalheads.


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