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  • Featured on SaltyKnuckles ~ Classics №XIV -
  • Really nice to see that classical music is so well represented on lists
  • Most talented member of The Police.
  • I bet this guy was jewish.
  • genius.
  • sort of. "[Fanfare for the Common Man] was soon enshrined alongside Billy the Kid, Rodeo, and Lincoln Portrait in Copland’s gallery of “hits.” Decades later, the rock group Queen incorporated part of the main melody and the stamping rhythm of the Fanfare into its 1977 stadium anthem “We Will Rock You.”"
  • @iWanna seriously?!
  • daaamn,that's the guy who wrote We Will Rock You,all hail Aaron Copland.
  • Aaron Copland: Complete Chronological Catalogue in one Spotify playlist from early songs(1918) to last piano piece(1982), plus the original version of the ballets & a conversation from Copland's 81st birthday concert, in which he talked about Appalachian Spring. Happy 111th birthday.
  • R.I.P. 20 years
  • On November 13, 2010, I reached the 200,000 song plays level. I chose "Appalachian Spring" for my 200,000th !!!
  • A Brilliant Man indeed!!
  • @aaronws: I had to read that book for a music class in my first year of college. It deals with musical theory a bit, but it isn't too strenuous. If I remember correctly, the first few chapters just deal with rhythm, harmony, melody, and tone color, while the later ones talk about different forms, such as fugues and sonatas.
  • BEEF, its whats for dinner!
  • nobody needs or should even consider reader such a titled book.
  • anyone read his book "what to listen for in music"? is it good? i was flipping through it the other day at a local shop, and while it seemed interesting, i wasn't sure if it would be too technical/hard to read for someone not properly learned in reading or writing composition. but if anyone could write something like that while making it accessible, i guess it'd be this guy
  • For many years, far more than I'd care to say, Aaron Copland has been one of my all-time favorite classical artists. I can listen to his music for days and never get tired of hearing it.
  • @citruscorp: That never crossed my mind -- seriously. Then, again, my mind isn't wired that way.
  • like there could literally not be another intended connotation for that phrase
  • oh my god buckaroo holiday sounds like a gay pornography filme
  • Inscape and Connotations rule. I wish he had written more dodecaphonic orchestral music!
  • Ambient Piano Music
  • I play him mainly because he's the first artist in my iTunes Library
  • Loved playing his pieces in school.
  • The piece *is* very powerful, not denying that, though. :)
  • I do like the idea of godfearing gayhating republimentalists getting überpatriotic while listening to Fanfare for the Common Man.... *giggles*
  • not one "BEEF, its whats for dinner"?
  • fanfare for the common man and appalachian spring are 2 of the best modern compositions to ever grace the world's ears... copeland is pure genius.
  • KZ
    masterpiece = clarinet concerto
  • Brings back a lot of memories
  • HOE DOWN!!!
  • Hoe-Down Live:
  • I love this guy's stuff! Definitely one of my favorite composers!
  • corral nocturne is one great piece of music
  • I'm about to play 'Jazzy' in my Grade 8 exam today... wish me luck
  • Really embodies the traditional image of America. I like Hoedown from Rodeo. Played the 1st violin part a couple years ago. Lots of fun.
  • I was in a Music Appreciation class that briefly studied Rodeo. (Ro-DAY-o!) I later bought recordings of the Appalachian Spring suite and his Third Symphony, which I like very much. Then I bought three albums by the band Copeland. It's fun to alternately listen to both. :-P
  • he put together such a great sound
  • so much fun to play!
  • my fav. composer
  • New images to vote for !
  • Not as a disrespect, but I just found San Francisco Opera has a Copland album called The Populist. And to this all I can say is - RESPECT

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