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Adam's Case Files

Wasting My Minutes ft. Kid Cudi (3:06)


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  • why, oh whyyyyyyyy????
  • LOL
  • lovely.
  • I feel for him. Without implicating myself, I can understand his concerns for her mental ineptitude.
  • lmaoo
  • Lol love it!
  • 4real? even after 50 times listening to this one, i keep smiling. i need to get more of keys' stuff.
  • So fucking funny.
  • where the f*#& this broad come from?
  • the way he says "scholar"...ahhh, it sounds like he's saying my name.
  • lmao.
  • this whole album is flawless..
  • lol
  • cool song
  • i like the speed up at the beginning.
  • Who can't relate Lol
  • McDonald's Apple Pie..HA!
  • (°-°).........!!!! i got 99 problems but the Bitches ain´t One.....!!!!!!!
  • Lmao he crackks me uppp he's good. i love it
  • F-U-N-N-Y as H-E-double hockey sticks
  • LOL
  • We all got a girl like this
  • his song gets a smile from berlin. :) absolutely good music.
  • Love this track so much right now.
  • Great track. You can get it on the Space Odyssey mixtape, or The Moon Man mixtape. Both good. Cudi's got some smart lines and killer flow.
  • I don't unda stand the acination wit dis cudi, Im amazed.
  • Love the song but where the hell can I download it?
  • whats good? Mc Donald Apple PIE...LOL!
  • Love it !
  • so seductive
  • this track is great!
  • funny...I know a girl just like this.
  • awesome track. love the tempo change in the beginning
  • she's good
  • "I said what's good, she said McDonald's apple pie"
  • lol! great song

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