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  • Esoteric & Stu Bangas - Wonder Why (Video)
  • kingz of the underground!
  • Dopest from just Boston? Maybe even better then that.
  • "I like my girls top heavy like number nine" dopeness
  • ахуенные
  • Блин трэк operating corectly просто супер!
  • one of the dopest rap duos out there!
  • ребята могут
  • Damn, no shoutbox love for 7LES in 2 months? "You're a herb, if you don't show love to the dope ones from Boston!"
  • Damn, neither Precision or Speak Now are up on the charts. Those songs reek of dopeness.
  • Good to see "12th Chamber" on top
  • :D
  • Would love it even more if Es is making more songs with his super sick fast flow.
  • трушечка
  • 1212 is amazing.
  • million!
  • Надо помочь ребятам уже наконец таки набрать первый свой миллион прослушиваний. [2]
  • thats why I love the Underground [2]
  • Flocka is ok, I prefer rappers with complex lyricism though so thats why I love the Underground
  • Надо помочь ребятам уже наконец таки набрать первый свой миллион прослушиваний. 7L & Eso, DOPE MUUUUFU*kin" Boston Shit! My favorites! The Soul Purpose - Classic album.
  • Somebody better lobotomize my brain if I'm supposed to tolerate dudes like Waka Flocka Flame.
  • 7L & Esoteric One of the DOPEST rap combination for all time!!! Special RESPECT from Russia!
  • i lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove this group.
  • Asheru feat. 7L & Esoteric - [url=]Just Think[/url] [prod. by [url=]hunkE[/url]]
  • I really enjoy the latest album. maybe the old style was better. but it's still so much love in every verse and beat
  • I agree with gangsta ..... they definitely need to bring their old style back
  • Watch me is a choooon
  • Weird that opinions on the new album differ so much. I just love it, gets better with every listen. Run This, 12th Chamber, For My Enemies, I Hate Flying - dope tracks. But I just love "The Handle" - what an incredible tribute to 80s NBA, if you're an NBA fan you have to love it and "No Shots" - Eso talks the truth about these wack rappers.
  • Ordered the album from a few days ago, but i couldn't wait any longer. I downloaded the album and it's some dope stuff. Can't wait to get the CD :]
  • Electro shit? Explain to me the electro shit in I Hate Flying, 12th Chamber and Run This(one of the most funky and funk influenced songs this year).
  • хороший альбом хуле!
  • бляха я проебал новый альбом!????Уверен альбом охуенен!
  • the new album is sick. Just gotta love I hate flying. cuz i fuckin hate flying.. :D
  • 12th Chamber - best track in new album!
  • 12th Chamber
  • the real deal !!!!!
  • No Shots is so honest. We need more honesty in rap. I really hate Waka Flocka Flame.
  • Seriously one of the most dissapointing things I've ever heard I expected more
  • 1212 may be the best yet but i am hungry for more tracks
  • 1212 is not better than old albums
  • Great shit
  • 12th Chamber damn !
  • 1212 is my shit
  • Drawbar 1-2 is dope as hell
  • пиздатый альбом
  • new album = candy for my ears
  • 1212!!!!!!!
  • New album is very good. Nice work guys!
  • new album leaked


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