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  • he does make soundtracks
  • First listen, 2m in. He should make soundtracks, seems geared for it.
  • Such an impressive allround-artist. His portfolio is amazing, both in visual art and music.
  • Preciosas melodías.
  • Good music
  • anyone know where i can get an HD version of the Girls video? The ones on youtube are hella compressed
  • amazing cover arts!
  • そらつつみ <3 [3] ねね <3
  • Listen to: Russian post rock / ambient / instrumental
  • They can't be any worse than Pitchfork in general.
  • Listening to Coieda at the moment, and it sounds really great. Are his earlier albums really as bad as Pitchfork says they are or is that just Pitchfork being shit as usual? I'm going to assume the latter.
  • そらつつみ <3 [1]
  • best!
  • If you think his music is genius, you should see his art and videos..
  • そらつつみ <3
  • His melody makes me cry . My most favorite ambient singer ... second is library tapes :o
  • おおかみこどもの雨と雪が大好き!
  • so awesome
  • such kawaii music
  • Just recently found this guy and it was love at first sight
  • 音楽を聴いていて久々に鳥肌が立ちました。
  • His piano stuff is fine, but the vocals (especially the broken English ones) sort of spoil some of the tracks. I'll take the understated charm of Rehome any day...
  • i can still write a thousand times that he is a genius [2]
  • cruz! this mister is exceptionally good
  • I love your music :) <3
  • suki desu <3
  • he looks like a nice guy [3]
  • Exit/Delete <3
  • still the best for me <3
  • nice
  • marry me.
  • ♥ \ (^ - ^) /
  • You should access the itunes store to buy new albums!
  • someone teach me how to play Birdland #3 now
  • няшка
  • Hi, I did a cover of Girls here! :
  • I love you
  • good sounds for dream)) [2]
  • thanks a bunch for your work
  • i love you OwO
  • he looks like a nice guy [2]
  • Nijiko ;-)
  • good sounds for dream))
  • Hey guys I have just started listening to Takagi's music and I started with his Private/Public album and I was wondering.. who is the guy singing in some of the songs? Is it him? Because he sounds really nice but I don't know if thats him
  • such a talented musician who creates incredibly beautiful music
  • he looks like a nice guy
  • I underestimated your music. Love your experimental sounds. ♥
  • 내 사랑
  • fuck pitchfork
  • fantastic thank you!


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