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  • -Zero Hearts- (album) is very good!
  • 東京ゼロハーツ <3
  • @alezzzix I'm not really sure, but possibly because of itunes. Her music is always released as 飛蘭, not Faylan
  • Why is 飛蘭 the correct artist name when she presents her name as "Faylan" in her albums? Confusing
  • Wonderful!
  • Amo a voz dela *o*
  • Love new album <3
  • Prism <3
  • ''Prism'' - awesome album!
  • kanon1981, i'm listening to at the moment.
  • have somebody listened to "prism"?
  • vote!
  • Que japa linda, apaixonei! *-*
  • 好きな声
  • Great Voice! <3
  • Realization is fucking good!
  • im not a huge fan of her other songs but i do LOVE Last vision For Last
  • аниме - говно
  • Love all of her songs White Justice is great but BloodTeller is where its at
  • Love WHITE justice ;3
  • 流暢な日本語ってwww 日本人なのになんだそりゃw
  • I Love Faylna *---*
  • love Faylan ♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • Love Faynyan.
  • The new single is good, not as good as Blood teller, but it is fine.
  • Dead END is too Engrishy for me. B-side is better.
  • love dead end
  • Her recent singles have been fantastic. :D
  • love your Dead END
  • Watch this <3 Can't wait for 25 *-* Here is the PV for Dead End ^^
  • Blood teller is AMAZING! [6]
  • Blood teller <3
  • Fucking love her.
  • The whole new single is amazing, my friends :)
  • yup, Blood teller is awesome and I'm enjoying PIANOTE as well.
  • Cool! "Blood Teller" took the first place in top tracks :))))
  • Blood teller is amazing
  • Blood teller is AMAZING! [5] perfect ending for Mirai Nikki *0*
  • Blood teller is AMAZING! [4]
  • Blood teller is AMAZING! [3]
  • Blood teller is AMAZING! [2]
  • yep, much better :)))
  • ...maybe this photo will be better as the main photo of the profile... What u think?
  • New pics:飛蘭/+images?sort=date
  • clip is amazing, and song too, 'course )
  • btw, can somebody tell me, what is her real name?
  • PIANOTE <3
  • 彼女はかわいいです  )))
  • Blood teller pic:飛蘭/+images/70741384
  • btw, "Blood Teller" will be released tomorrow! Yeehhaa! \m/


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