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Akino Arai (新居昭乃, Arai Akino)es una cantante y compositora japonesa, conocida por sus trabajos para series de anime tales como Outlaw Star, Noir, Macross Plus, y muchas otras. Nació el 21 de agosto de 1959, en Tokyo.

Ella ha trabajado con Yoko Kanno, Luna Sea, ZABADAK, Samply Red, y Yayoi Yula.

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  • Unknown Vision is really nice
  • i found out about Akiko Shikata through this site. and now i have all her albums. She comes out with albums more regularly than akino and both of them are very unique artist. I'd also suggest Emilie Simon. Akino has mention that she really likes that particular artist and i can easily see why. Emilie is yet another very unique artist.
  • yuki_picnic, I would highly recommend you Akiko Shikata. Raka is a magical album, though nearly everything from her is gorgeous or close enough to it.
  • New Picture :
  • Who else writes such beautiful music as Shukusai no Mae, Kanaete, Silent Stream, Ningen no Kodomo, etc? Are there any other (truly) similar artists? I believe Akino might be in a league of her own, but if anyone has any recommendations, please do share! I never would have met my husband if not for Akino's music, either, so it is even more special to me than before... Her music brings peace, inspiration, reflection... I wish I could thank her for it!
  • Legendary of my listening History. That's her ^_^
  • The tag is indeed annoying, which has nothing to do with the original genre. That has happened to numerous other Japanese artist that sang for anime like Ceui, Annabel and such.
  • Incredible song-writer and performer.
  • v I'm talking about "Lost Area", "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories" theme song
  • Her new single is "Unknown Vision," which actually came out like, a year ago, lol. There are two new songs, "Unknown Vision" and "Issai E," a karaoke version of "Unknown Vision," as well as "Magic Garden" that was originally published on her album "Red Planet." I highly recommend "Unknown Vision," the song is fantastic!

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