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サンドイッチで120 分?(Sandwich de hyaku ni jippun?: Es el nuevo proyecto de エイジ (Eiji) y タッケン (Takken) ex-秘密結社コドモA, キボウ屋本舗

El concepto es que ellos son dos revolucionarios estudiantes del Instituto Educativo Privado "Sangre Vomitiva de Oso" teniendo su propio departamento de grabación, llamado サンドイッチで120 分?(Sandwich de hyaku ni jippun?).

Tienen una misteriosa banda rival おにぎりで百二十分? (onigiri de hyaku ni jippun?).


* 松岡レタス (Matsuoka Lettuce (Lechuga)) - director del departamento de grabación: vocalista, guitarra, colorido e ingredientes.

* 竹村ハム (Takemura Ham… Más información

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  • Fake and gay
  • There were no releases so far. BTW, Mizuto from Kibuya honpo joined them recently! I hope they'll release something soon.
  • They already released anything or just hang out together as a 'band'? (it took me few months to realise what 'matsutake' mean, oooh)
  • Finally!
  • "Matsutake Works" ?? Is that them for real ? (sorry I can't understand anything on the website as I can't copy/paste into google translate xD)
  • brb crying
  • Holy shit guys, they are back!
  • At least they often met on the events.
  • v 別にw
  • 「(略)だから君を愛している・・・そんな彼女のストラップ(略)」ってとこが可愛いw

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