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Λucifer empezó en 1999, formado por los integrantes Makoto, Yuki, Atsuro, Towa y Santa. Sin embargo, esos no eran los nombres reales de los integrantes (excepto por Makoto, que usaba su propio nombre en vez de Sakuya). Todos ellos usaban los nombres de los personajes de Kaikan Phrase

En Agosto tuvieron su evento debut, llamado "Λucifer -prologue-" el que contenía dos conciertos, uno en Osaka Shinsaibashi Club Quatro el 25 de Agosto, y el 31 tocaron en Tokyo Shibuya on… Más información

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  • Avatar de Hanike
    Finally, corrected the spelling of the band's name to Λucifer! One of the best Japanese bands ever created.
  • Avatar de jaquedickinson
    dammmiiitt ! >_< I love them so much ! miss miss mis them :( [2]
  • Avatar de SamuraiSx
    dammmiiitt ! >_< I love them so much ! miss miss mis them :(
  • Avatar de SamuraiSx
    me too I prefer Λucifer ! and I DON'T AGREE that you press button and like Λucifer songs and that †яi¢к is more complicated. †яi¢к is for me like any other visual kei nowdays. and Λucifer is the diamond of old visual kei and jrock, with beautiful and distance sence of emotions and instruments and melody and lyrics longing in harmony like a glass. ~ I like †яi¢к but it will never replace good old Λucifer >_< ~~
  • Avatar de felixuca
    Actually I might sound crazy, but I kind of prefer †яi¢к. I started with Λucifer, but then this FRESH, FULL OF ENERGY SOUND of †яi¢к won me over. When I first heard "Phenomena" I simply said to myself: "I never listened to ANYTHING like it. Besides, †яi¢к is an acquired taste. At the beginning, you don't really know what to make of it. Then you find yourself coming back to this strange sound for the following days, then you stop and you see you're completely hooked. Λucifer is easy to like. Press "play" and you understand it immediately. †яi¢к is a lot more complicated, I think. And it's natural: Makoto grew up. :D Anyways, I love them both. They are different things :D
  • Avatar de jaquedickinson
    I really really want their comeback :/ I MISS Λucifer ! [2] I love †яi¢к they are a great band but I still prefer Λucifer
  • Avatar de SamuraiSx
    I really really want their comeback :/ I MISS Λucifer !
  • Avatar de gokusou
    AYABIE is going to do a cover of Datenshi BLUE in the V.A. album "Counteraction ―V-Rock covered Visual Anime songs Compilation―"
  • Avatar de jaquedickinson
    the leader is sexy :P [2] hauaha Great music too.
  • Avatar de bukishine
    Just watched some of their perf and I totally fell for them. Their music is so great. Makoto's so kakkoi!

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