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  • Avatar de caio-mascheroni
    Thr!!!er >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Avatar de Salvolution
    Music is good but most of the lyrics are fucking stupid.
  • Avatar de conditionals
    Finally got a chance to dig into As If, and I'm a bit disappointed. I really dug the cold funk of Strange Weather and Thr!!!er, and am not really feeling As If as much. Nothing stands out, and it seems to rely on tricks and jokey bits rather than hooks and musicality. Hmm.
  • Avatar de youreNOT_REAL
  • Avatar de larsvolta
    Holy mother of fuck, these guys have grown up since Louden Up Now.
  • Avatar de NoSUMMR4U
    So much love for the new album. And now let me dance all the way through winter.
  • Avatar de SkinneeJay
    They improved since "Myth Takes". That album was just meh.
  • Avatar de LordSnow-
    Vou chamar de cu cu cu. [2]
  • Avatar de alecsputnik
    Love the album so very very disco.
  • Avatar de justfetus
    it's a solid album definitely, and funky and nice to dance to as usual, but there's only a few moments where it sounds really fresh. Plus way too much of that stupid low-pitched voice.
  • Avatar de TehSpiral
    another solid album.
  • Avatar de burton449
    Dont know how to sing
  • Avatar de MrLeprekone
    чик чик чик
  • Avatar de caiogui
    Vou chamar de cu cu cu.
  • Avatar de kotsa200
    Freedom '15 is awesome. Can't wait for As If.
  • Avatar de AlecPeterson
    New Record:
  • Avatar de Ateiluj1
  • Avatar de caarol_
  • Avatar de rainbowbaloney
  • Avatar de kotsa200
    Got my "All U writers" Record Store day LP! yay yay yay!
  • Avatar de gabcrr
    fap fap fap
  • Avatar de mumu-mask
    iii :D
  • Avatar de JustAKayee
    wank wank wank
  • Avatar de Phil_PorcoDio
    put put put
  • Avatar de hc1153
    poop poop poop
  • Avatar de cherupii
    donk donk donk
  • Avatar de mad-inside
    Myth Takes is so damn awesome!
  • Avatar de MusiQ3985
  • Avatar de qwerty_21
    one of the best perfomances at Primavera Sound 2014
  • Avatar de Zanderich
    i like em
  • Avatar de elsyyyta
    factorial factorial factorial
  • Avatar de burton449
    biz biz biz
  • Avatar de Keolia
  • Avatar de Espectro1982
    I have a ticket to sale for Optimus Primavera Sound (Porto, Portugal). Only 80 euro. Please, send me a private message :)
  • Avatar de NathelieJulienn
    they are fucking amazing, and it's a shame no one recognizes it
  • Avatar de spaceshittle
    latest record is their best.
  • Avatar de MarceloQA
  • Avatar de sayhi_andsmile
  • Avatar de FerAnchus
  • Avatar de Musilov
    !!! is a brilliant name! Don't pronounce it, just DANCE!!!
  • Avatar de RThinker
    How am I supposed to pronounce the name?
  • Avatar de RoadLord
    to think this band could be huge if not for their stupid name. what a shame
  • Avatar de _tarantism_
    I took this video of !!! performing in Pittsburgh tonight. Check it:
  • Avatar de louis_pro
    this is awesome
  • Avatar de JessyInChains
  • Avatar de Ite_Missa_Est
    saw them yesterday in Gijon for the second time and they were amazing! insane stage performance and Nic is such a character. he hung around after the show for a quick chat and he's so cool!
  • Avatar de WhatTheFrack
    They were amazing last friday night in Barcelona :D!!!
  • Avatar de guitarman_666
    by the way, the new album is absolutely fantatisque
  • Avatar de guitarman_666
    no, I don't think so
  • Avatar de ylygylygynda
    Hey guys, don't you think that Get Lucky by Daft Punk sounds a bit like !!! song? As for me, if !!! actually wrote it it could have been better than we have it now.


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