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  • tropicalhaze

    But it's Planet Mu hipster wankery! I'm not allowed to like it! D:

    Marzo 2015
  • beablossom


    Mayo 2013
  • Helawolf

    Such a great label.

    Octubre 2012
  • Seypient IDM/Abstract Music

    Mayo 2012
  • muffin01

    I'm very impressed with the line up of artists! This has re sparked music when i discovered about IDM and for me its like crack

    Abril 2011
  • nikita_bonjur

    very good!

    Noviembre 2010
  • indiebandwagon


    Octubre 2010
  • Terminall42


    Octubre 2010
  • noized_


    Julio 2010
  • valkyrieLveles

    ☚━━━━━ ლ(^❛‿❛^)ლ ━━━━━☛

    Junio 2010
  • madrfadr

    new MU artist Oriol operational - :)

    Junio 2010
  • gtmb

    Starkey - Stars video in HD now online on!

    Abril 2010
  • surgeon

    NEW Mu site operational -

    Febrero 2010
  • J-east

    Great label!

    Julio 2009
  • Adyry

    We are the amen break lovers.

    Mayo 2009
  • Cisownik

    In the dark days of Warp going to shit and Sublight being dead this is the only label with a roster that's almost spot on. Great label.

    Mayo 2009
  • Mitya

    Can you guys at the label straighten out the bad tags on Vex'd releases - De Generate, Degenerate, Degenerate (disc 1), Degenerate (disc 2), Pop VIP vs Pop V.I.P. etc. Thanks and cheers

    Abril 2009
  • Tiehv

    these guys along with sublight and the earlier warp have really made a huge impact on me. much love!

    Enero 2009
  • psidre

    just want to let all the artists on the label know: I appreciate your work. If playlists were real estate, you folks would be representing a majority share of my diggs. Thanx a bunch, I hope you all have an excellent year! Safe Journeys, psidre felix

    Enero 2009
  • Nethiros

    Boxcutter, Distance, Venetian Snares, Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble... awesome!

    Octubre 2008
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