Free Instrumental Compilation CD

  • Free Instrumental Compilation CD


    Over the past few months I've been working on the construction of an Instrumental Webzine with some of my friends. We've all been very excited to announce it to the world, but timing is crucial so we held our tongues for the better part of two months. Now that we have something exciting to offer the world we want to share it with everyone.

    If you go down to The Silent Ballet (our new website), you'll find all the information you'll need to know about downloading a FREE compilation that includes new tracks from Yndi Halda, Joy Wants Eternity, Mt, Foxhole, Theta Naught and Once We Were, as well as some others from old favorites. The bands were most gracious for providing unreleased music to the compilation and we thank them greatly. If you find the compilation particularly interesting, tell a few friends about it and The Silent Ballet

    Although The Silent Ballet is not currently completed, we are hoping that it will be coming along shortly. Check back often for updates. Until then you can join us on Myspace and When the site is functional we will devote ourselves to bringing you the latest in tour information, news, and releases from around the globe.

    Anyone interested in writing for the site should feel free to contact me at, and bands wishing to submit material for review should do the same.

    ~Jordan Volz and The Silent Ballet Team

  • after listening for the first time:
    a light, nice and warm instrumental album.

    for all that like Guapo, Bohren & der Club of Gore, hallo bürste, Mogwai and such.

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