Greatest guitar solos.

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    • 15 Ene 2011, 13:59

    Greatest guitar solos.

    Hi. Could you post greatest guitar solos or just ur favorites in THIS SHOUTBOX HERE ? You'd help me a lot.

  • Great solos

    My fav solo will always be No Bounderies from Michael Angelo Batio. My fav to play is from my lastest album called She Drives Hard. And the song is called "25 Hours A Day". Feel free to check it out on my page.

  • Led zep's stairway to heaven has one of the most godlike solo's in the end, a true master piece.

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    • 17 Abr 2011, 19:41
    Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi has a perfect solo ana Scorpions' Coast to Coast is...i don't know what to say (rofl) Eruption and Spanish Fly by Van Halen i think that thry are imposible. (rofl)

  • The Solo of Stairways to heaven! It's the best!

  • "Sway"

    Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers. LOVE "No Boundries" as well, good choice IzzyBatio78.

  • How About Something Other Than Rock Shredders?

    First I want to acknowledge that some examples given, such as Jimmy Page's solo on Stairway to Heaven are not necessarily all out metal speed, but do include artistry, so are not necessarily examples of what I'm about to rant about, but here goes...

    Usually when this question is posted, we can count on a list of pretty much the same old rock and/or metal shredders. I have nothing against these guys, I listen to them myself. But do we have to be so limited?

    We always seem to judge the the guitar as merely a race to the finish line, as in "who can fit the most notes into a given space," rather than as a musical instrument.

    We never see ARTISTRY represented. Why do we never see examples like Mark Knopfler's note-perfect solo throughout the entire title song of Brothers in Arms, or Al DiMeola's solo on Broken Heart from the Soaring Through a Dream CD? Or what about Santana's 7-minute instrumental, Song of the Wind?

    These guys (especially DiMeola) are not incapable of playing fast licks, but a great musician should choose to play musically at times, rather than top speed all the time.

    Besides DiMeola, there are numerous other jazz greats, both living and dead, who recorded countless amazing solos, some of them every bit as "fast" yet infinitely cleaner than your average metal shredder.

    And what about all the great Latin, acoustic, Celtic, or Flamenco players?

    So do the "Greatest Solos" always have to be only the fastest rock/metal ones? Or the loudest, rockenest, most distorted electric ones? Can they never be the most musical ones?

    Open your ears, guitar friends, let's not just recycle the same answers we always get to this question.
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    • 15 Dic 2011, 18:00
    WarrenKramer is absolutely right. We don't see the great role of classic guitar, or jazz guitar players. My favourite guitarist is Buckethead, but it doesn't mean, that I don't like blues guitar or latin romances.

    And Btw. The best ROCK guitar solo (in my opinion of course) is Buckethead's solo in his song called Soothsayer.

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    • 15 Ene 2012, 1:12
    My personal favorite is Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

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