Guitarist for how long?

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    • 20 Ene 2005, 17:44

    Guitarist for how long?

    There is no way we can have a guitar players forum without a thread asking how long everyone has been a guitarist/wanted to be a guitarist for.

    I've played guitar since November 2002 (excluding the 2 years of acoustic lessons from September '97 to July '99, in which I learnt next to nothing.

    I like to play with lots of distortion, but that doesn't mean that I just play power chords. I listen to lots of Satch and that kind of stuff, so I put my best efforts into being able to solo a bit.

    It'll be interesting to see how many people play electric/acoustic, fingerstyle/rock and stuff. I look forward to returning to read what other people have put about themselves.

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    • 24 Ene 2005, 14:57
    Good point ;)

    I play electric guitar since march 2004, almost a year now. Some acoustic before 2004. I use Guitar Pro to learn stuff, great program. Never had lessons (yet.. maybe in the future).
    Like and learning to play Jimi Hendrix songs. Also Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and more. I try to play every day.

    I listen also a lot to Satriani (or satch-like) stuff and styles.

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    • 26 Ene 2005, 23:06


    I've played bass for 6years and acoustic for about 3years.

  • ive been playing for about a year and a half, but i play for about 3 hours a day- at least... thats what happens when you have an easy college schedule and no job

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    • 2 Feb 2005, 17:32
    I played till now for about one year and a half.
    half a year i played a very cheap classic guitar i found somewhere and the other year i played on my electric guitar i bought.
    i started taking lessons about 6 months ago.

    Guy Khmelnitsky
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    • 5 Mar 2005, 19:06
    I've been playing since December '99, however, being in a death metal band for about 2 years, I haven't really become a great guitarist...

    And, I really only play electric. I can count the number of times I've touched an accoustic guitar on one hand...

  • I've played guitar for around 6-7 years now, i got my first accoustic for christmas like 8 years back, but didnt play it for a little while. i started taking lessons and played accoustic for about 4 years... i got a tele for my birthday two years ago so i started playing electric, i was taking lead guitar lessons, but dont really like the soloing and stuff, i prefer playing accoustic with my band and such.


  • I have only been playing for about 6-7 months now. All I have really been doing is printing out tabs for my favorite songs and learning them. The most I can play of a song is "Iron Man". I can play the entire song except for the solo, but I'm practicing it so it's only a matter of time. I plan on taking lessons though, maybe this summer I will. And I also want to get a bass.

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    • 7 Abr 2005, 21:22
    Acoustic for about two weeks. Don't even know the brand of this old thing...

    The logo thing looks like a V.

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    • 28 Abr 2005, 17:39
    Almost 2 years since I got a classical guitar for free, got an electric one about 2 or 3 months ago. Should get my amp tommorow.

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    • 1 May 2005, 7:51

    A while

    i have been playing guitar for about 3 years now. have a blakc les paul but want to get the madest guitar ever made, a DIMEBAG DEAN ML. thats the shit!

    He went down south accross the border, and left the caos and disorder
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    • 8 May 2005, 19:34
    Ive been playing for about a month...
    I like playing zeppelin among other things.
    I played acoustic for a year when i was 5, then quit because I was a dumbass.
    I started it up again cos i got really into the music... now I play an Electric.

    I am planning on starting lessons sometime soon... i learn the basics from online reading and also playing my friends guitar before getting my own.

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    • 8 May 2005, 20:27
    4 And a half years. In 4 bands, 2 bands Im the lead guitarist too - playing solos like metallica and stuff like that, and the other two Im a bassist.

    I've been playing bass for about 6 months, use fingers religiously, and love Cliff Burtons stuff.

    One of the bands I play lead guitar in, Im with a guy whos been playing for 9 years and is a guitar teacher - he asked me to play lead *Big headedness insert here :D*

    I've dreamed of playing guitar when I first heard Motorhead around the age of six

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    • 12 Jun 2005, 5:19
    ive been playing for almost 10 years, on and off. right now i hate soloing, mainly because i dont practice everyday to get my chops done. i used to play metal and grunge but it gets tiring. i got heavily into funk rock recently but right now im in an off-mode again because of work :)

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    • 9 Jul 2005, 16:57
    Electric guitar for like a year now. Never had any leassons or such.
    I mainly play three chord punk, and I always use

  • I have been playing surf guitar for almost 3 years now. I'm trying to get my first band going but am having tough time finding other players here in Nebraska.

    "Play something with words so I can dance to it!"
  • Been playing electric guitar for six years now. Learned and played some acoustic two years proor to that again. Never played in a proper band, though.

  • I've been playing for almost 2 years now. I mostly play classic rock (Zep, Pink Floyd, AC/DC), some blues (SRV), and metal (Megadeth, Maiden).

    Just playing recreational for now.

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  • 3 months ahhhh

    just doing chord stuff and really really basic lead stuff. can play some songs but dang, wish i could just fast forward :)

    don't believe the hype
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    • 11 Ago 2005, 1:13
    I've been playing for about 2 1/2 years now. I have only had my electric guitar for about 1 year and 8 months. I like to play metal and classic rock mostly. I like stuff by In Flames and Shadows Fall. I am working on getting a better amp, though. This 15 watt just isn't cutting it.

    • KrisK escribió...
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    • 18 Ago 2005, 15:44
    3 years, acoustic and electric.

    I like playing Metal a lot these days, Megadeth, Children of Bodom, etc.

    On the acoustic I'm more into the Neil Young, Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, type thing.

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    • 21 Ago 2005, 2:50
    i got an epiphone special II for free in 2001 and ive been playing since, i upgraded the crappy pickups and put in EMG's, i also got all new hardware and inlays for free from Taylor Guitars cause my dad works there.

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    • 15 Sep 2005, 3:39

    6+ years - guitar is my major

    ive been playing for over 6 years and i am going to school and majoring in guitar performance right now...a choice of classical or jazz, and i choose jazz cause A.) i can use my electric (ibanez js100...cheapest of the series, but not in quality or monetary-wise either haha) and not a classical nylon string guitar, even though they are cool too B.) if you can play jazz like be-boppers like charlie parker, or wes can play anything...and you learn so damn much about the like over whelmed with all i am and can learn...its insane, when you actually dive into music, its awesome and it never ends...

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    • 18 Sep 2005, 11:29
    I've been playing for about 2 and a half years. Recently, though, I haven't had time to play at all. ;\

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    • 22 Sep 2005, 5:19
    Almost 2 years.

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