iPod Manager/audio_scrobbler set-up

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    • 24 Nov 2011, 4:23

    iPod Manager/audio_scrobbler set-up

    hi, there's been lots of troubleshooting on these forums in terms of using foo_dop and scrobbling iPod, but I'm just asking how can I even get my last.fm scrobbler to recognize the iPod Manager. Currently doing anything, like re-writing database on my iPod manager, does absolutely nothing to foo_audioscrobbler. How do I even get the two to start a conversation with one another?

  • First of all, which iPod model are you using?

    In any case, it should be quite simple. Make sure you are running the latest foobar version, the latest foo_dop and the latest foo_audioscrobbler.

    Don't forget to go to File -> Preferences -> Tools -> Audioscrobbler and tick "Import played tracks from portable devices".

    Then just listen to music on your iPod and when you connect it to your PC re-write the database. Next, go to File -> Preferences -> Tools -> Audioscrobbler and it should say "Your cache contains bla bla tracks." If it does say that, click "Submit" and check your last.fm

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