Who is tagging?

  • Who is tagging?

    Think I was busy and tagged all here connected artists, many of them I gave a listen and heard so some great music.
    But, what I saw is, that there are only a few members from more than hundred who are really tagging!
    I think this group is founded for supporting each other, not only for selfpromotion.
    About 70% of the members never appeared on "recent activity" on any artist pages I visited.


    Cheers Gylepomp

    • Stubbsy67 escribió...
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    • 3 May 2009, 21:18
    I agree. There seems to be all too many who join and post a link to their band on the off chance of a few tags, then never show their face again.

    I feel a sense of community growing between those of us who are taking an active role in tagging and listening to one another's music, it's nice :-) Would be great if the dormant members could get involved.

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    • jbgd escribió...
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    • 3 May 2009, 22:00
    I agree, but must admit that I have myself not listened to all connected artists yet as it is quite a time consuming thing. I will, though, little by little always come back, and I believe other members will do so too.

    Let's give the whole thing some more time, no? The group is just about 2 weeks old.

    • lelemelo escribió...
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    • 3 May 2009, 22:03
    I arrived at the group a couple of days ago and have tagged a few memebers requesting a tag on one of the threads, I hope to do so quite often but won't be able to be taggin' all the time.

    I agree with you two, this group is named "cooperative", so everyone should participate, there are other groups and ways for self promoting, let's see if the comunity keeps growing for good.

    Guellepumpe, that's why I found interesting posting the comments on that thread at the "Post a Song...Comment a Song" group, since it's easier to know who's participating and who's not, and it will "force" everyone posting to listen to other's music, not just leaving a link with their music there, most people are only worried about promoting themselves.

    Lucky there are fellas like you guys who really take a while to listen to others.

    • agroangus escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 3 May 2009, 23:07
    I've listened to and tagged every artist on ' track to tag' and 'tag wishlist' but when I go back my tags aren't always showing up. Maybe the 'cooperative' is better than it seems.

  • hi - i had my artists connected and stuff and am very grateful. have listened to the 'cooperative tagging' radio station twice now and tagged everything that I thought was alright - heard some really good music and some really not so good music (but that's just my opinion!!!) - trouble is both times after about 1/2 hour it was just the same artists coming back around again, so I guess I'll have to wait till more people are tagged up before I can listen to more... guess with anything like this everyone says it's great idea but only a minority will actually be pro-active - this just tends to be the way of things in my own meagre experience... so I guess the 30% active members are still better than nothing? Okay I'll shut up now...

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    • Pixieguts escribió...
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    • 5 May 2009, 22:08
    Hey, I have had a few big tagging bursts in the main 'wishlist' thread and have been tagging heaps of independent artists in an ongoing way over the past couple of years too as part of my day to day listening.

    It's been mentioned in another thread that ithere's a bug at Last.fm to do with tagging. If you add tags when you are also 'adding an artist' to your library, the tags do not show up in the artist's recent activity feed (only 'added to library' shows up in the feed). The tags have been registered though! The only way the tags will show up in the feed is if you do the two parts of the process completely separately - i.e. add artist to library and save, tag and then save again. So, as Angus suggested above, the co-operative is probably working better than might appear as many people's tagging efforts are likely being registered simply as 'added to library' in the artist activity feeds.

    One other thing that might be worth mentioning is that a 30% take up in a Last.fm group is really good! In my experience of running this group most invites to membership get around a 5-10% uptake which does not appear to be unusually low either. So I think 'cooperative tagging' is doing very well!

    People are likely to come and go with their activity in this group and, for ongoing usefulness, it's obviously better for all of us to be tagging independent artists, albums and tracks that particularly appeal as we hear them whether we are in this group or not. If we can generate more of a culture of artists just doing this for each other all the time at Last.fm we will all benefit whether or not the individuals in any thread here are fully pulling their weight or whatever. In my experience tagging other artists pays off for you in direct and oblique ways. Call it karma or whatever you like but it really seems that you end up getting more listeners if you tag other artists and not worry too much about who is tagging you.

    In short, do it here in this group, do it in other groups, do it on your own, just do it! :D

    • jbgd escribió...
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    • 6 May 2009, 8:56
    as pixieguts says, not everything shows up in the recent activity windows:
    i just connected two new artists to the group, listened to a few songs, tagged them a bit, but nothing shows up in my, the group's or the artist's recent activity windows. both artists are in my library though, the tags too

  • i agree with pixie about tagging culture. one other thing is that if people are tagging individual tracks (which, as another thread discusses, is possibly more beneficial) then it won't show up in the recent activity section of the artists' main page, only on the song page and the users' page.

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    • justshire escribió...
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    • 6 May 2009, 19:25
    It does take time to listen to artists properly then tag accordingly, as Julien says. I have been recording for the past week so my ability to appreciate others' music has been lower than usual.

    I suspect this is the same generally with others too - there will be days here and there when I will be able to catch up, and am committed to doing so by prioritising artists in this group - simply because it's such a positive and forward thinking one. Obviously with 115 members already, it'll be a gradual process!

    PS: Thanks to all that have listened to and tagged Camp Actor so far..

  • I've been tagging all the bands that have put suggestions in the Wishlist thread with all their recommendations, and have gone through and tagged the artist connections with appropriate tags.

    I tend to do as much as I can when I can.

    Thanks to those who've tagged my band, The Silver Wizard Project.

  • recent activity

    Hi all,
    since I started this thread all recent activities are frozen :-((
    sorry, but it wasn´t me :-O


  • yeah mine too iv just spent the last hour tagging and nothing showing up

  • My member ship was just accepted. I'm here to get my artist profiles boosted, but I know I gotta give to get, so I'll be sure to get right on top of tagging every body here!

    I make some kickin gabber. I am Shyft.

    I make some outlandish metal. I am Red Ankh.

    I make some schizophrenic avant-garde. I am Philopsycho Lawlawlawl.
  • tag

    im going to listen and tag right now. do mah part. cheers

  • I just got in and definitely don't always have time or availability to listen and properly tag other people's work, threads with people desired tags definitely help.

    But soon enough I'll grab some chunk of time to tag different things.

  • woah, that was some necrobumping, a year later!

    • Kaiserlie escribió...
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    • 31 Ago 2011, 22:30

    nearly one year later... 200 members and only +-10 are tagging
    really sad...

  • I've slacked off a lot, I admit it! I'm going to add a link to this group on my listener profile so I remember to visit here. I did it with a few other groups I'm in & it helped!

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