Indie venues on east coast australia.

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    • 3 Dic 2007, 14:54

    Indie venues on east coast australia.

    I'm traveling soon and I have gotten used to the great venues in london. I need a list of the best venues to visit whilst on the east coast of australia.
    anywhere from melbourne to caines.

    :D <3

  • here's a very few. i only really know sydney spots properly.

    In any of these cities pick up a copy of the local street press. they're free and tell you what you need to know. In Brisbane, there's Rave Magazine and a few others. In Sydney, The Brag and The Drum Media. In Melbourne there's probably zillions, ask a melbournite.

    Brisbane - The Zoo
    er... hang around the area of Fortitude Valley and you'll find some good spots probably. I can't remember the rest.

    The Cambridge
    Bar On The Hill
    Hamilton Station Hotel (for punk stuff).

    Oxford Arts Factory
    The Hopetoun Hotel
    The Annandale Hotel
    Candy's Apartment
    Manning Bar
    The Loft (at UTS on Broadway, not the one in the City)

    Melbourne (guessing, here...)
    Brown Alley
    Northcote Social Club
    The Corner
    The Espy

    shitloads more. everyone chime in and help out correct me yes?

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    • 16 Dic 2007, 23:25


    thanks so far

  • melbourne:

    st. jeromes
    ding dong
    miss libertines
    section 8
    sister bella

    and as for street presses: Beat ( and Inpress

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  • A few more in Melbourne: The Toff in Town, East Brunswick Club, Hell's Kitchen, Marquis of Lorne.

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  • for melbourne i definitely have to say miss libertines. the best venue i have ever been to!!! and yeah the toff is good also. but these have been said. i guess eurotrash is on my list as well. but to see a BIG band the forum is excellent. it has such class.

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    • 8 Ago 2008, 12:53
    Wollongong: Oxford Tavern

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    • 13 Ago 2008, 5:45

    Indropilly has some great places.
    Just go to the royal exchange, that bar kicks ass.


    Southport RSL (lame)
    Coolangatta Hotel....

    Serz the music scene on the coast is horrible, no alternative in this town.

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    Blink just opened in the valley to if you like hardcore.

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