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    • 9 Jun 2009, 20:07

    How did you get into this genre?

    My mom bought a CD by the Dixie Chicks when I was younger. That's what got me hooked! Oh, and Patsy Cline helped too. ^^

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  • My dad had some vinyl records of Don Williams and Kenny Rogers that he used to play a lot and got me mildly interested in the genre (I was only 6 years old at the time and preferred other genres at the time). Than when I was about 10 years old one of the cable companies in my hometown included CMT in their channel offer (which was rather odd considering that country music had very little popularity in Romania at the time) and it quickly became my favorite music channel, made me forget about MTV and the like. That's when I really grew a passion for country music and I've loved it ever since, even though a lot of people I know look down upon it and consider it inferior to mainstream genres like pop, techno or rock.

  • Grew up listening to it.

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    • 9 Jul 2009, 12:41
    I know some people hate when a game/movie include a song from an artist they like (for whatever reason), but that's how I know country, from GTA San Andreas. K-ROSE, ftw :] Game is the best way introducing music to young generation (just look at what Fallout and GTA did)

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    • 13 Jul 2009, 17:45
    Shadowboro said:
    That's when I really grew a passion for country music and I've loved it ever since, even though a lot of people I know look down upon it and consider it inferior to mainstream genres like pop, techno or rock.
    I know what you mean, though Taylor Swift has brought country into mainstream. I still think she's overrated though

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    • 29 Jul 2009, 3:01
    I'd been aware of country music for a while, especially Garth because my mom used to live in his home town, but I mostly listened to other things. The "switch" came about by chance when I left my headlights on and lost all the preset radio stations when the battery died. That was three cars ago.

    Sometimes people (myspouse is one) give me a hard time about it, but I think Trace expresses my feelings pretty well.

    Songs About Me

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    • 31 Ago 2009, 8:27
    Via Johnny Cash's coverversion of Hurt. That led me to discover more of Johnny Cash's stuff, and that made me wanna check out more country music. And my dad, who's a huge country fan, has helped me a lot on the way!

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    • 6 Oct 2009, 1:23
    Lived in Florida for six months and my favorite radio station was country! ;D

  • Couldn't Help It

    Grew up in Springfield, Missouri (back before anyone had heard of Branson & the University was still just SMS). Anyway, while I was getting ready for school, Mother would always have the radio on for news & weather; the only stations they had at the time were the country stations - & we're talking twangy country - Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner, etc.

    My super-eclectic music score is currently


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    • 4 Ene 2010, 13:15


    i guess for me it was just the circumstances i was in back then when i started listening to country, that was around 2006. the words in the songs just seem real. every country song i listened to felt like the artists were singing directly to me and i just forgot there ever existed any other genre of music besides country.

  • My Grandma loves country music and when I went to her house once she had the Great American Country (GAC) channel on TV. This was in 2003, when Sara Evans was promoting "Backseat of a Greyhound Bus" for her new Restless album -- I saw her perform and was instantly hooked. Ever since she's been my favorite country artist, and thats where my love of country all started =)

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    • 10 Ene 2010, 1:06
    I saw Brad Paisley performing a song in an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. First I was suspicious about country music, but then I realized he sings and plays very well. I love his music, and now I've started listening to other country music too. :)

  • My father came to dislike new "progressive" rock music in the Early 80s. So,I was raised up on Classic Rock from the 70s and earlier,and Country from the 80s and beyond.

    I do like other genres,though. My musical tastes are very diversified.

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  • When I was young and in the Air Force, after basic training, the first base I went to was in Oklahoma. I did not like country music till I went there. At that time, that was pretty much the only music playing everywhere. It took me awhile, but I started to love it. Back then, it was singers Roy Acuff, Tex Ritter, Hank Thompson, Jim Reeves, Eddie Arnold, Wynn Stewart and many others. Of course Country Music has progressed so much since then.

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    • 30 Dic 2010, 13:33
    I was given the Eagles' greatest hits album for Christmas and particularly liked their early country material so I just had a hunt around online for other country singers (that's about the only place you can find them in the UK). Then I started listening to Garth Brooks, George Strait and Brad Paisley who I saw in concert recently when he played London.

    I love watching CMT when I go on holiday to America to hear new artists; at home I have to make do with just the CMA awards but even they weren't on this year.

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    • 3 Feb 2011, 8:32
    Just grew up listening to it.

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    • 27 Ago 2011, 22:49


    My musical tastes are also very diversified but I'm into country because of GTA San Andreas, K-ROSE. Now, all I can say is: I love it! And I'm not ashamed... ;)

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    • 31 Ago 2011, 20:30
    I can't remember a time when I didn't like country to be honest.

  • Grey-and-Pink said:
    I just had a hunt around online for other country singers (that's about the only place you can find them in the UK).
    Tell me about it, it's a nightmare.

    heard Robert Plant/Allison Krauss duetting, liked the sound of krauss and got into bluegrass from there. After that it kinda snowballed...

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  • Well, I grew up in a backwoods, Southern town of just over 400 people, country is about all anyone listens to here lol. As I got older I started exploring other types of music and I now listen to a good bit of rock and Christian music, but country still is and always will be my favorite genre =)

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    • 8 Nov 2011, 11:03
    I grew up in a suburb in ireland and all that was on TV was MTV, which i decided was crap and i never really listened to much music besides throwing muses which i'd seen on a terrestrial british channel. when i got to college i decided i really hated college students and their indie music so eventually i decided to check out all the other music i could find.

    Gram Parsons was the way into country music for me, and i prefer the americana to the country but i'm growing to really like that as well, vince gill is brilliant. still hate rock and indie music, and am growing to like other genres more and more all the time! :)

  • It started in the 90's with my parents; my dad was (still is!) a big George Strait fan and they got me hooked at 3.

    I'm a huge fan nowadays, and anytime I get in the car I'm always playing country music. When radio ads come on, I listen to other stations, but a few minutes later I switch back to country.

    I love living in my hometown since there are more fans of the genre. When I was growing up in Dallas, kids started on country then went to rap, but I always secretly listened to country :P

  • My uncle had some Willie Nelson and David Allan Coe albums and when I was a kid, I used to listen to those albums a lot. That is what got me into country ever since and then I started listening to other country artists.

  • Thanks to Taylor Swift.
    I'm Italian, and so I never ever listened to country music via radio. However, one time I saw Taylor on a magazine, I listened to FEARLESS and I fell in love with a lot of other country artists **

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    • 22 Ene 2013, 15:30
    CMA awards november 2012. Watched it second time this month and fell in love completely. All artists seemed so friendly and sweet and their performances..WOW!!

    I think first bigger impact before CMA awards where when i listened Carrie Underwood's "Just a dream". I thought what an amazing singer and what a voice.Ofc i knew some country artists way before but didnt listened them. Now i'm going to fix this mistake.

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