[BBC] Click - Covers "Last.fm Radio Announcement"

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    • 30 Mar 2009, 18:52

    [BBC] Click - Covers "Last.fm Radio Announcement"

    The BBC's Click (formerly Click Online), has covered Last.FM developments often, over the years, last night I saw they'd covered the recent announcements on Last.FM's intention to charge for radio outside US/UK/DE (G3) - updated -> here.

    Read the BBC coverage @ Last.fm to charge for streaming.

    Watch the the Click episode -> here, the third news story 7:28
    (using two year old Last.FM screen cap's).

    I hope that's of interest - Best, Ian Blip.FM/Scrawl

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    • 30 Mar 2009, 19:14
    Thanks for the links Ian!!

    I also watched this last night. Not a bad episode as they go.

    I heard they mentioned Spotify a couple of weeks ago too.



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