Artists I should connect to this group

  • Okay, Okay... I'll add Mandelbrot Set and 65daysofstatic!

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    • 21 Abr 2009, 19:46
    :P im not arguing btw
    it IS your group
    just if you want it to be just for original post rock
    just state it :P

    cause it is birlliant to remember and appretiate the
    founders of post rock

    people SHOULD recognise originality

    so i think maybe change the name to original uk post rock or something
    or state it on the group details
    so you wont get all of the users who love for example mogwai flood your group

    cause you have said early 90's but mogwai does still fall into this category really

  • Unfortunately, you can't change the name of the Last FM Group. I think the descriptions at the top of the overview page lay out the remit pretty clearly, though.

    Having said that, I'm totally into talking about newer British post-rock groups, especially those in the spirit of/inspired by the original scene e.g. Hood, Epic 45 etc.

    And to give them their credit, I believe Mogwai originally formed in 1995, when the first wave of British post-rock was probably still pretty active.

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    • 21 Abr 2009, 20:31
    ahh something i dont understand about hood
    if you can help me out

    ive got quite a few tracks off their site ... all old ones
    and singles compiled is coming in the post

    all their old stuff is amazing
    you can tell through the years theyve gained experience and added some
    good atmospheric noises like on "they removed all trace that anything had ever happened here"

    but then theres some new tracks like "the lost you"
    that sound almost remixed if you see what i mean

    did they gradually move away from post rock ?

  • It's always been pretty common for British post-rock bands to start off as fairly conventional rock bands and gradually introduce more abstract/electronic elements (see Disco Inferno, Scorn, Main etc...) I haven't followed Hood that closely but I suspect this is the trajectory they've followed. They've certainly been open about what a massive influence DI had on them, while being very keen about introducing elements from newer genres like glitch and post-rap.

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    • 21 Abr 2009, 21:11
    Shame, they had a great thing going on.
    The newer stuff is still good.
    But they have some amazing tracks even recorded on cassette that outdo the new.

    That may be another reason, they were recording by cassette to begin with
    so they may not have had the means to introduce such beats and sounds as they have done in their newer material.

    o just to throw something in for a mix of conversation
    Public Image Ltd.
    (British group Public Image Ltd (PiL) were also pioneers, described by the NME[11] as "arguably the first post-rock group." ) from wiki

    i know there not 90's but its uk post rock right ?
    just thought id se whats said about this

    sex pistols were punk
    and when i hear PIL i still hear punk

    i dont think they deserve the title that NME gave them
    do you ?

  • PiL

    Well, they've already been mention in this thread and for what it's worth, I think that PiL were just as important to the development of British post-rock as Talk Talk were. Listen to "Metal Box" and "Evanescence" by Scorn back-to-back and you'll see what I mean. In particular, PiL's use of elements from dub reggae, African American dance music and German kosmiche musik is relevant as it's exactly the kind of thing that marks early post-rock out from contemporary post-rock.

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    • 21 Abr 2009, 21:23
    ahh i hadn't read that thread sorry :P

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    • 23 Abr 2009, 22:00

    No to Mogwai


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    • 25 Abr 2009, 20:00
    Digging around in the nether reaches of my record collection I found a few other interesting bands that you might want to add - Savoy Grand, Plone, Dakota Suite and Electralane. Not sure if any of these have been mentioned elsewhere (too many lists kicking around now)....

    Not from the UK but of potential interest to late period Talk Talk fans include a Belgian group called Bed (check out Spacebox on, Norway's White Birch and Swede's Anywhen...

    Man In A Shed
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    • 28 Abr 2009, 13:15


    You should consider connecting Ganger.

  • I think Ganger were on the original "long list". They must have fallen victim to the recent cull. I have re-instated them on termcap's behalf.

    I've added Electrelane to list too.

    I'm leaving Mogwai on the list for now. If this decision results in a suitable degree of (highly amusing) outrage, I'll remove them.

  • Cocteau Twins and Fridge, anyone?

    I say we keep Mogwai, by the way.

  • How did I manage to leave Fridge off the list? Perhaps I deleted them by mistake. Happiness is a great album and I think Fridge did a very tasteful job of assimilating Tortoise-style US post-rock into the British sound. The extremely vitriolic review of their new compilation in this month's Wire magazine is pretty funny, though.

  • I'd keep Mogwai out, but then again I love most of the 'original' post-rockers you mention and dont like almost any of the 2nd wave. Mogwai are mediocre for me.

    Butterfly Child?
    David Sylvian?
    Arab Strap?

    Perhaps they don't fit snugly in the box but ...

  • Butterfly Child were already on the list but I'm glad you mentioned them because it gives me a chance to let slip the fact that I just received a cassette featuring Peel Sessions by BC and Papa Sprain. All things being equal, MP3 versions should be forthcoming.

  • scala?


  • Good suggestions.

    Scala are already on the list.

    Locust were on the old "long list" but I took them off, mainly because I thought they were Dutch or Belgian or something. A little research suggests they were in fact British, so I'll re-add them.

  • The Wolfgang Press - (even though their most interesting stuff is late '80s "birdwoodcage' and 91 - 'queer' i still think they should make the cut!)

    Cindytalk - 'wappinshcaw (94)' and their early stuff too.

    Colourbox - again too early...damn.

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    • 10 Jun 2011, 18:36
    I was just listening to Eardrum and it occurred to me that they'd be relevant to this group:

    They main guy behind them is Lou Ciccotelli, who was the drummer in God and also played on some of Laika’s records. They released a couple of really good albums about 10 years ago on Leaf records. It’s a really rhythmic, tribal sound that’s somewhere between the “4th World Music” of Jon Hassell and Toop & Eastley’s ‘Buried Dreams’ album. It’s also not a million miles way from some of ‘O’Rang and Techno Animal’s stuff.

  • Lou Ciccotelli was also in Ice with Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin, Mass with Gary Smith (from Aufgehoben), and going way back he was also in Slab!. Never heard Eardrum though, so thanks for the tip.

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    • 16 Jun 2011, 9:03
    I didn’t know he’d been in Slab! I’ve got their ‘Descension’ album from 87 (and remember quite enjoying it at the time).

  • Don't think he's on 'Descension', but he was on the album after that (Sanity Allergy)

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    • 8 Feb 2012, 18:49
    what about Woo? A definite Durutti Column least on their album "It's Cozy Inside"

  • Do You know Union Wireless?
    Saturn Ascension Experiments is fantastic.

    And maybe Transona Five too?

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