Best Animals As Leaders song?

  • Best Animals As Leaders song?

    I'm sure a lot of you will say CAFO (granted it is a great song and it's my most scrobbled Animals as Leaders song), however I believe that my favorite Animals As Leaders song would have to be On Impulse. The riff/songwriting is phenomenal and flows so well that before I know it, a 6 minute song is already over. The riff at 4:33 is my favorite in the song.

  • Both of them are great, but my favorite song of AAL is Point to Point.
    The first tme I heard this song, i couldn't believe my ... ears ? :D

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    • Seriosity escribió...
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    • 15 Dic 2010, 22:59
    The whole album is the best song. Song of Solomon if pushed though :)

    • turnjet escribió...
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    • 26 Dic 2010, 6:11
    Shout out for the track, Wave of Babies and I agree with the OP, On Impulse is one of my favourites too. So captivating.

  • For me it's a toss up between Wave of Babies, CAFO, and Inamorata. I don't see a whole lot of love for the latter, but I find it to be incredible.

    • hardold escribió...
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    • 19 Feb 2011, 19:07
    My fav - Point to Point , On Impulse & Song of Solomon

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 21 Feb 2011, 1:38
    behaving badly

  • CAFO, Tempting Time, Inamorata

  • Top 5 (No particular order)

    1. The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing
    2. On Impulse
    3. Behaving Badly
    4. Modern Meat
    5. Point to Point

    Honorable Mention: Song of Solomon

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  • Behaving Badly for sure.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 15 Dic 2011, 12:16
    On Impulse on Animals As Leaders and New Eden on Weightless. Phenomenal songs.

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 1 Ene 2012, 11:10
  • CAFO, An Infinite Regression, On Impulse.

    Top 3 Songs for me the passed while ;)

  • On Impulse is phenomenal, and I love it because it is soft enough that I can share it with metal-averse people. And CAFO is the runner up IMO

  • I f*** with the whole self-titled debut and their single 'Wave Of Babies'. :3

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