So who are these people not from canada?

  • So who are these people not from canada?

    So I was perusing the demographics of the group and noticed all the people listed as being in totally different countries; mexico, japan and such... Are you guys living in toronto and have your place of birth listed? Or are you guys Torontonians who live in those countries but joined the group for a little taste of home?

    Obviously if anyone else has particular insight into this.

    • ArkAwn escribió...
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    • 14 Nov 2006, 20:39
    I think they should all git teh BANNHAMMAREAN

    If its possible for group leader to remove them of course.

    Which I do believe is possible...


  • well if theyre genuinely interested in, or tied to Toronto somehow then more power to them... Just kinda random.

    • the_big_v escribió...
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    • 16 Nov 2006, 2:44
    I'm not 'from' Canada (Brit), but I live here. And very happy to do so..... so far ;)

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  • yeah, and your profile says you are here... I still want to figure out whats up with all these people whose profiles say they are somewhere totally different.

    My oldest friend came over from England in grade 6, and I've got a bunch of family over there.

    • ArkAwn escribió...
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    • 17 Nov 2006, 22:16
    2 United States
    3 Germany
    4 United Kingdom
    5 Mexico
    5 Japan
    5 Bulgaria

    pasted from demographics :-\

  • they just love Toronto....alot? ;)

  • hehe, maybe... I think the most likely explanation is that they put in the country they grew up or were born in... that or made a mistake

    • ArkAwn escribió...
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    • 8 Dic 2006, 4:24
    Well, there are other Torontos in the States

  • Really? I didn't know that, tho there is a picture on the group pic, obviously none of the Torontos in the states have a giant lake, sky dome and CN Tower :P

    • chanman escribió...
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    • 11 Dic 2006, 5:31
    i'm from toronto, but i go to school in the states. please don't remove me!! :-D

  • I dont think the person in charge (Wrongbutton) is around much at all. So not much worry of anyone getting removed.

    Still some far more random stuff in the demographics then just ppl down in the states.

    • ArkAwn escribió...
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    • 16 Dic 2006, 15:20
    * Toronto, IA
    * Toronto, IL
    * Toronto, IN
    * Toronto, KS
    * Toronto, MO
    * Toronto, OH
    * Toronto, SD
    * Toronto, TX

    /pasted from ticketmaster

    • sobernuts escribió...
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    • 17 Dic 2006, 21:34
    A bunch of poser cities if you ask me.

  • hehe, well i was gonna say that Id imagine none of the other Torontos would match up with our skyline at all :P

    • ArkAwn escribió...
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    • 22 Dic 2006, 20:54
    Infront of their city, they put up a giant picture of our city to disguise theirs :p

    • deadwomb escribió...
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    • 4 Ene 2007, 9:18
    hahaha, posers.

    i dig it man.

    whatever, dont ban anyone. its a good thing that our city is so gangster we have a large non-canadian population, its a compliment, dont be a-hatin.

  • Im assuming that the location thing is current and not where you are from... so its got nothing to do with people in Toronto being from different places.

    • jD-7 escribió...
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    • 26 Ene 2007, 19:27
    I am not Canadian. I am not from Toronto nor do I live there. So you might ask yourself: why is this guy in OUR group ?!

    Im German and I was in Toronto for 3 months last summer. I came with the intention to improve my english, but eventually I found a new love (the city) and great new friends (It is supposed to sound this tacky).

    I stayed at an hostfamily who originally came from Trinidad and was really one of a kind. I did an internship in a small company which was awesome. I survived Gay Pride, the Jazz festival and new holidays like Victoria Day. I had the privilege of being able to go to Tim Hortons everday. I fell in love with Oreos and Canada Dry. I built up a love/hate-relationship with the Eaton Centre. And I do not understand the fuzz about the CN Tower.. if you want to have a great view of Toronto you should either go "Panaroma" or the Toronto Islands.

    So can anybody blame me for being in this group ?
    For me it is a nice way to stay in touch with my city and get the TO-feeling again.

    Nearly I forgot: I love the TTC announcements "Pape station. Pape is next"

  • Awesome, thats exactly the sort of answer I was looking for... Glad you enjoyed Toronto, if you are back and want to go on a double decker sightseeing tour in the summer message me, I should be working for them again as a tour guide. :P

  • I'm also German but I was never in Toronto, unfortunately. I just love Canada, Ontario, and Toronto.

    It would be awesome if I may join this group to discover more Canadian music.

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    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
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    • 8 May 2012, 11:19
    I'm in London (Ont, just down the road) but, you know. I'm in Toronto a lot as it's the centre of the universe and that's where most of the worthwhile things are. At the dark centre. Of the universe. Like Isaac Brock says. Not the British Army Officer. The other one.

    By the way I'm sure when Isaac Brock wrote The Dark Centre Of The Universe he meant Toronto. Probably the dark part of Toronto. But still. Toronto. #tdot

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