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    23 Dic 2009, 1:08 de saltisol

    1. Tonight: Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand
    Already in January this year when this album was released, I made a bold statement to my friends that this was the album of the year despite 11 more months to come. I still believe so and it has been on steady rotation all year. I think its a fantastic album for a friday afternoon when gearing up for the night

    2. Them Crooked Vultures by Them Crooked Vultures
    It was many years ago that I felt an excitement about new music comparable to August 9, 2009 when I first heard about TCV and that they were doing their premiere show that same night. After spying on their mysterious homepage for a while (where the only link, marked 'X', did a google earth zoom on where their next show would take place) I managed to get tickets for me and my wife to their show at Hammersmith Apollo in London on December 17th. And at this show, I got to witness Dave Grohl play the drums for 90 minutes in a way that I didn't think was possible anymore. Truly amazing

    3. The Resistance by Muse
    I have been a steady fan since I heard New Born around 2004. I also got to see them live on that tour which is still one of my top 3 concert experiences ever. This album didn't disappoint me a bit but it wasn't any big surprises either, it is simply a strong and steady album. I passed twice on the opportunity to see them live this year since they will unfortunatley never get close to my memories from that first time

    4. Kärlek Är För Dom by Thåström
    Before I met my wife, I didn't pay attention to Thåström like his music requires. She introduced him into my life and I thank you, Anna!
    Now when me and mr. Thåström know eachother, I dare say that this is his second best album ever as solo artist, second to Skebokvarnsv. 209 from two years ago. During the year 2009 I had the pleasure of seeing him live three times

    5. Röd by Kent
    I took me 10 years to finally become a fan of Kent which happened shortly after the release of Du & jag döden in 2005. From this album I went backwards and re-discovered favourites such as Hagnesta Hill and Verkligen. When their album from two years ago, Tillbaka till samtiden, was released I wasn't too impressed but they definitely won my trust back with Röd which was released this year

    - Crossing the Rubicon by The Sounds
    - Give Me Fire by Mando Diao
    - xx by The xx

    Finally, I would like to recommend to you the Christmas song of 2009 (in my very own subjective opinion), Snow Angel by Kate and After. If it wasn't for the project Unsigned Christmas this song would not have been written. I think everyone interested in music will find this song rewarding

    Take care everyone out there and lets hope for some great new music during 2010!