• The Raconteurs - Astoria London 23/03/06

    24 Mar 2006, 10:34 de badjon

    The Raconteurs Live in London
    featuring Brendan Benson and Jack White

    Went to the gig last night. Everyone was obviously up for it. Jude Law was there, and good on him he queued up with all the other punters.

    The 747s ( warmed up. They would good enough for me to want to check them out some more. I was surprised when they played 'Leave your job' [?] as a tribute to the person who decided that the Astoria would be knocked down. Did I hear that right? Or is it a wind up? They were saying that it will be knocked in a couple of years to make way for the new Olympic train line. Seems unlikely that it will go right through central London but hey.

    Before The Raconteurs came on the DJ set the mood with some Ennio Morricone. This added ot the vibe in the venue making it feel like the intro of a long awaited Quentin Tarentino movie.
    The band came on and Jack took control of things. He introduced everyone and finally himself, '...Im Jack White and at your service'. That was pretty much they way it went. Jack jumped around on stage and generally larked about. He very much seemed like the front man, although Brendan did lead the vocals on a fair amount of the tracks. However in last nights set up his vocals were mostly lost to the guitars or Jacks louder voice. It will be interesting to see how the tracks are arranged wheen the album comes out. Jack went to town with his guitar, 'weedlin' like a slightly heavy heavy-metal rock god.
    Both of the released tracks sounded good. The rolling beats of 'Store Bought Bones' sounded especially good. And they rocked out in the encore with one especially good track although dont know what its called as they didnt name any of their tracks.

    So all in all an interesting first showing. They seemed slightly unsure of their own setup as a band. I guess that comes from only playing together a few times. Maybe that edginess is a good thing? But I cant wait to hear some more of their stuff properly recorded and produced.