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The Mothership of Electronic Music—'s cruising meeting point for lovers of electronic music and hub for all spaceships of the third kind ... Mothership—your guarantee for quality music.

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welcome to the Mothership—the greatest hub for electronic music on

taste the difference
glad you made it to the Mothership ! this is your salvation. finally it's becoming
easier to find music and groups. the Mothership is your hub, connected to all
other Motherships and great groups via the ➤ Port ➤ . within this network of fine
music, you'll never get lost any more. so join now, it's open and it's free :)

if you've been looking for solely mainstream "electronica", you've come to the
wrong place. this is the MotherShip, the supergroup that never sleeps, your
guarantee for the REAL thing on

Mothership's Artist Radio

Play electronic compilation

groups we recommend :
Ambient Lounge Series
ambiOfusion ➤➤
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Lounge Group
Beautiful easy listening IDM
Belgian Electronics
Chez Musinum ➤➤
concrete everything
Cryo Space Lounge ➤➤
Deep Techno
Detroit Techno
Downtempowa Polska
Electroacoustic Improv
Electronica Makers
Electronic Art Music: 1900-1970
Electronic Explorations
Electronic Germany
Electronic Paris
Electronic UK
Elektro Target
Erotic Lounge
Frame Without A Painting (Ambient Music Group) ➤➤
French Dub Connection
french electro-techno
Groove Salad
hotel costes
Independent Dark Electronics
lounge house ➤➤
Lounge Sounds
Lounging Sound
Minimal and Ambient Electronic
minimal electronic
net labels - electronic
New Zealand Drum & Bass
n i g h t l o u n g e ➤➤
Ninja Tune
Old School Techno Collective
Pixies Palace ➤➤
Pleasantly Neurotic
russian electronic music
Saint Germain Des Pres Cafe
Simple It's a Sample!
Soulful Drum & Bass
Space Music
Subtle Soundfields
the B A S E M E N T ➤➤
The Beyond
the C L U B ➤➤
the H O U S E ➤➤
the L O U N G E ➤➤
The Music Maker Society
The Old Masters Of Electronic Music
The Real Dark Ambient Group
Underground Hard Electronic Music
Underground Music
Underground Resistance
VFSix ➤➤
Women in Electronic Music

at this moment, this list ist work in progress. it will become our best choice from
1000+ groups on at the end, if a group is not mentioned here, we simply
don't recommend it.
➤➤ warmly recommended
( of course, we might have overlooked some, sorry ).

you didn't really know what electronic music is. but you will.

Motherships ➤ ➤

Home ➤ ➤ ➤

Mothership—a SiR HendRix Group production

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