• Radio Station play Sax & Moryson on 24 hour

    18 Sep 2009, 11:22 de Sax-Moryson

    Hallo , thanks to all who hear my music. I´m pleased.

    My music is now running well all day in a radio station in U.S. Pa .

    Sax & Moryson / PS-12 - 24 hour Radiostation ,


    from Sax & Moryson , G.M.Orchestra , Orchestra de Blonde , Project System 12 , Gina Moryson , and other
  • Happy Birthday Dady

    18 Ago 2009, 19:09 de Sax-Moryson

    Happy Birthday to my senior member of my band Sax & Moryson / G.M.Orchestra / Orchestra de Blonde / E.Th.Orkester / Gina Moryson and other. My Dad Helmut Moryson on 20.08.2009 , 83 years old.

    Music Was My Life

    .... said my father Helmut Moryson to me. Actually, he had with this one sentence and said everything looks good on 80 years of musicians life. Starting as an oboe soloist in Germany must he later as a musician his wife and 8 children to feed, this has never been easy.

    In honor of his birthday, I wanted to mention this.

    Here is a brief biography, only the first few years:

    Helmut Moryson geboren am 20.08.1926 in Essen, Sohn von Herman Moryson geb. in Witten (Musiker)

    als Tenorsänger im Paulus-Chor und im
    Opern-Chor der Oper Essen

    1936 -1940
    Ausbildung in Klavier und Gesang in der Privatmusikschule
    Professor Patzik

    1940 Kauf einer eigenen Waldzither mit 9 Seiten

    1940-1943 Aktiv im Kruppsche MusikInstrumental-Verein unter Leitung von
    Graf Eduard von Schnitzler

    Musikstudium im Wittenkonversatorium (Oboestudium)
    und Abitur


    In English, Thank´s to Tim Doyle__________________________________

    Helmut Moryson born on 20.08.1926 in Essen, the son of Herman Moryson born in Witten (musician)

    as a tenor singer in the St. Paul Choir and the
    Opera Chorus of the Opera Essen

    1936 -1940
    Training in piano and singing in the private music school
    Professor Patzik

    1940 Purchased a unique forest zither with 9 strings

    1940-1943 Active Krupp Instrumental Music Association, headed by
    Count Eduard von Schnitzler

    He studied music in Wittenkonversatorium (Oboestudium)
    and baccalaureate, and he still plays like James Last / Hugo Strasser / Max Greger / Paul Kuhn , who are still active.

    At about the age of 70 years he put his career on hold to dedicate himself to caring for my mother. After her death in the spring of 2008, he resumed playing to participate in our band, Sax & Moryson, where he was the oldest member (and still occasionally plays).

    From the first time I held an instrument in hand, he was around to show me how to make music ... I can still learn a lot from him ...Just by listening to the full Orchestra and Big Band arrangements, you can feel his clear classical influence on my music ...


    und er spielt noch wie James Last / Hugo Strasser / Max Greger / Paul Kuhn , die auch noch aktiv sind.

    Nachdem er ungefähr im Alter von 70 Jahren aufgehört hatte aktiv zu musizieren um sich der Pflege meiner Mutter zu widmen, nahm er nach dem Tode meiner Mutter im Frühjahr 2008, angetrieben durch das Gründen unserer Band Sax & Moryson wo er als ältestes Bandmitglied noch gelegentlich spielt, erstmals wieder ein Instrument in die Hand um mir zu zeigen wie man richtig Musik macht... Ich kann noch viel von ihm lernen...gerade bei den großen Orchestra Arrangement und Big Band Arrangement spürt man deutlich seinen klassischen Einfluss auf meine Musik...

    Gina Moryson
  • Field recordings of an unknown Sufi-sect

    12 Jul 2009, 18:54 de DoubleUIM

    Field recordings of an unknown Sufi-sect can be heard on my new varied album Electro Grab-bag. One track featuring Pixieguts was inspired by an infamous but in my book very great Miles Davis album. All tracks fully streamable, enjoy!

    Otherwise you might want to check my lounge, jazz, funk, filmscore and/or chillout album.
  • We remember Clifford: A group for Clifford Brown

    2 Jun 2009, 13:32 de musinum

    Jazz is my first love, and I've been meaning to put together a jazz group for some time, so I've finally begun assembling one:

    A group devoted to the pure joy that was Brownie's horn. In a tragically short career, he left his mark forever on jazz trumpet & on the improvisor's art. Innocence & sophistication in every breath!

    Here is the Artist Radio for the group, all 200 connections. It's a "Library Bot" radio; the user IRmembrClifford has been created and their library populated with the group's connections, so that playing the radio is playing the bot's library. (For more on the Library Bot concept, see The Radio Room.

    Clifford Brown Artist Radio (IRmembrClifford's library)

    play in software