• Roxy's Ego Hour

    27 May 2008, 2:01 de zytsef

    It's Monday, which means Roxy Epoxy's radio show has been broadcast on KPSU, Portland State University's low power FM station; one of the last free-form content radio stations around. That plus the fact that it's hosted by Roxy means you should probably tune in where ever you have an internet connection and consider donating large portions of your pay-cheque.

    Anyway, the fact that Roxy's one hour program is called the Ego Hour should tell you something about the content. It's pretty much anything she's in the mood for. This usually means some obscure French and some German that occasionally borders on . She might also include some classic Pacific Northwest bands like The Briefs, The Spits, and even Wipers sometimes. The things that Roxy plays are pretty diverse and at times a little strange (often in a good way for me). She had an obsession with Motormark for a while, if that tells you anything.

    Unfortunately, she's on vacation this week. This means that one of the shows she recorded beforehand should have been aired. Seems like the guy who's covering her hour never got a copy of that show, so he played basically an extension of Babylon Radio (his usual show). Not really a bad thing. Just not what I was in the mood for when I downloaded the Ego Hour podcast after just missing the show earlier.

    Hopefully it will not get lost next week.