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    • 25 May 2005, 23:43

    Rare songs

    Hey guys, I'm trying to complete the collection of ASC songs, and all I'm missing is "Skatter Ik Ignito" and "The State That I Was In". Are there any other b-sides/rare tracks that I should have, other than Max and The Spider Wall? Does anyone have mp3s files of these two songs? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

  • I have Skatter Ik Ignito.

    Get it from me over aim.

    aim - blrovenstine

    -Brock Lucas Rovenstine
  • The only thing to make my collection complete is to get *The State That I Was In* (the song they only released on the Japan version of TC).

    anyone have that?

    AIM me if you do.


    • Cogabloga escribió...
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    • 9 Abr 2006, 23:18
    I have " The State That I Was In" if you havent gotten it yet.
    My Screen Name is Cogabloga2188.

    • sean7711 escribió...
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    • 28 May 2008, 5:14


    There was also a japanese edition of their latest album that included a bonus track called "rendition"

    • vlykour escribió...
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    • 19 Dic 2008, 7:47

    the state that i was in


    don't know if this helps but...
    anybody excited about the new album?!

    "...because seeing each other through rose-colored glasses is what romance is all about."
  • hopefully somebody still looks at this, ha....so i was just looking over my ASC collection and i think i only have the studio albums and deep elm split...if anyone could help me out with these other ones you guys are talking about it would be much appreciated...

    - /V\Üšî¢ /V\º\/£§ /V\€
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